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I usually get many comments throughout the week on my health and fitness article in the newspaper. The last several weeks were pure silence.

Clint wrote an paper titled The Unethical Treatment of Migrant Farmworkers for his Christian ethics class and I thought it was important enough to publish for all of Benton and Carroll Counties to read.

After detailing the horrors migrant farmworkers must experience for us to eat fresh strawberries on-demand, the paper presents the ethical dilemmas. This whole issue would be different if American companies did not actively recruit Hispanics to cross the borders to work in their farms, if women were not raped, and if the farmers were paid a living wage. Since this in not the case, what is a Christian’s role in purchasing food and knowing it’s origin?

The last installment presented a Call to Action. I have not yet figured out whether people are angry that they now know of these injustices or are saddened of the sacrifices of humans for fresh food.

Are you willing to give up a strawberry pie next summer to save a woman from getting raped or are the fleeting pleasures of a season too strong to stop oppression?

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