Are you an Upstream Thinker?

When clients come to me for coaching, they usually want weight loss, more energy, toning, and less brain fog. The FIRST thing I do, however, is look upstream. We live in a day and age where we take drugs to mask symptoms instead of looking deeper at the root cause. Because my work shifts that paradigm, we experience lasting results (and I’m not the magical person people sometimes think!).

The world operates on a completely different playing field these days. It’s like all of society suffers from cerebral frontal/pre-frontal hypoperfusion, a big fancy term for blood flow being cut off from the frontal lobe of the brain… sometimes through gluten sensitivity. Forget the technical term but think about the implications of decreased blood flow to the frontal lobe of your brain – the area responsible for higher-order thinking like the ability to focus, manage emotions, plan, organize, FATHOM CONSEQUENCES, and our short term memory. Not something we want to mess with, if you ask me. 

Instead of looking upstream to release the dam blocking the flow of water, our society develops complex means of increasing efficiency of the trickle. This translates to complex and extreme diets and fitness programs to shed weight without really changing the choices and habits that brought on the weight to begin with, pills to mask anxiety and depression instead of facing the deeper issues and ensuring the brain has the necessary ‘raw materials’ it needs to thrive, energy drinks to boost our energy mid-day instead of addressing the deeper cause of the ‘lack of energy,’ and so on… I could go on all day.

This all combines to overwhelm people when they honestly want to live a healthy lifestyle – you mean, I have to remember to eat all this stuff over here, do all this fitness over there, take all these supplements just to meet my recommended amount, and this, and this, and this? No wonder it’s daunting. That’s the problem with the downstream mindset – the level of entry is so high that people throw up their hands and walk away.

If this is you, no worries! You’re in the right place! I take an upstream perspective because I understand that all of our symptoms – the weight gain, the brain fog, the energy roller-coaster, the cravings, hunger, depression/anxiety – are just that … symptoms… the root cause is upstream. 

When we go upstream we don’t have to do a million different things to live an optimal life. Instead, we address the issues that are blocking the flow of vitality, remove them, and allow your vitality to expand, naturally letting go of excess weight, naturally improving energy and brain functioning and stress, and naturally healing itself. It’s a beautiful thing, really.

Vitality comes from within. I just help remove the things blocking its flow so you can BE your best, FEEL your best, LOOK your best, and SERVE to your highest potential. Because, at the end of the day, that’s what we really want, right?

Your Get Healthy Assignment

  1. What things would you like to improve in your life right now?
  2. Are you masking symptoms or going upstream to treat the root cause?
  3. If you find yourself masking symptoms, take a moment to think through when and where the issue began and what else was going on at the time.
  4. After you’ve stepped back a few notches (i.e., went upstream), focus on improving that and watch the improvements in the symptom naturally happen too!


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