You Get More of What You Dwell On

Just like you are the sum of the five people you hang out with most often, your fat loss, health, and body transformation results are the sum of your thoughts.

You get more of what you dwell on. (click here to tweet this)

Today’s video shares a simple tweak to create massive results in health, fitness, weight loss, and life. Putting this into practice treats the root cause of many of our struggles so that the results we want flow effortlessly from it. In other words, it removes the struggle so many women think is necessary for “worth it change.”

Your Satisfaction With Life is a Result of What You Do.

Your current results in life – in work, body transformation, health, relationships – are 95% choice, what you do. Your actions, or inaction, creates vibrant vitality or wishful thinking.

This is a hard pill to swallow for many people, but yes, our busy schedules, our lack of free time, our constant intense stress… are all choices we make based on priorities. We either prioritize family, the ability to support ourselves well, self-care, and/or other people’s ’emergencies’ more than what we say we want.

At some point, this becomes unmanageable, uncomfortable, and downright hard, so we look for ways to make our lives better and get the body, energy, and health we need.

Grabbing a diet, fitness program, or time management system is the most common way people try to create change in their lives. We want to lose weight, so we grab the book, buy all the foods, and go! It may work… for a time. But at some point, some life event happens, and you fall off the bandwagon, never to return until your next moment of inspiration.

I know this was true for me. I tried diet after diet, exercise program after exercise program. And when they all failed to give me a thin, fit body I was proud of, I just tried harder, did more… unsuccessfully.

In the meantime you wonder, What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I figure this out? I wish I had more time. Or maybe you’re so stressed out, nothing besides “Get up. Get kids ready. Go to work. Oh… eat on the run. Work. Pick up kids. Clean house. Feed.” register in your brain.

Throwing “solutions” at our problems of fatigue, weight gain, and busy-ness is a (very) temporary fix to a symptom, without treating the cause. This is why these solutions never work. It never treats the root.

What We Do Is A Direct Result of What We Think.

What We Think Flows Out Of What We Believe.

It was so fun to be in a room of 8000 women at the Massachusetts Conference for Women this week. I left uplifted, inspired, and empowered for change. The only problem is… the inspiration lasts for 8 hours and I’m stuck with my self-talk for life, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What we think and tell ourselves throughout the day fuels our action or inaction. 

Our thoughts and self-talk directly flow out of what we believe about our abilities, talents, the world and what is possible for our lives. This is why we can throw behavior modification systems at our weight gain or health concerns all day long and never experience lasting change – at the core of who we are we believe something different… thus, it is miserable and ineffective.

It’s hard to change beliefs. They are rooted in our very essence and have been with us for a long time. So targeting beliefs takes time, effort, and usually coaching. I definitely think you should do this work, but my intention is to give you a simple tweak to produce massive results in a relatively short period of time, not months and years!

What we think determines our confidence, our faith in our abilities, and whether we have an abundance or scarcity mentality. If you are dwelling on what you don’t have – the nicest car, enough extra cash, a smaller pants size, a fitter body, etc. – then you will continue getting that in your life.


Because what you do will match what you are dwelling on… not having x, y, z. 

Tweak Your Thoughts, Transform Your Life. 

Tweaking our thoughts is the easiest way to transform our life AND transform our beliefs. In the video, the influence goes both ways, into our belief system, and out to our results – a leaner body, more energy, more time, etc.

It’s really beautiful and simple! 🙂

Becoming aware of the language we use to talk to ourselves and other people all throughout the day is a great starting point. Then, I challenge you to start flipping the negative, scarcity, “don’t have” statements into positive, abundant statements that dwell on the positive. This will influence the kind of action you take and also seep down into your core to begin shaking unwanted beliefs too.

For example, instead of I’m not skinny. I don’t look like her. I don’t have the energy to work out, flip them to I am (slowly) making good choices to get healthy and produce my best body possible! I love my unique body, the way it moves, and all of my flaws. I choose to workout for 10 minutes and can stop after that if I still do not feel like it. 

Your Vitality Assignment

  1. Begin to notice your self-talk and what you think throughout the day.
  2. As you catch yourself, start flipping negative, scarcity statements into positive, abundance statements.
  3. Leave a thoughtful comment below sharing your experience and best tips for tweaking your thoughts below! I can’t wait to meet and learn from you!
  4. Share this video/article with the friends, family members, and/or coworkers you know need this message!
For further reading, check out Mindset, by Carol Dweck. It’s a fantastic resource on how mindset determines our life! Highly recommended.



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