Your daily dose of pleasure

Experiencing pleasure consistently is a key component of a vibrantly healthy lifestyle you love. Pleasure helps one de-stress, maintain motivation, make decisions you are happy about, and love the life you lead.

Unfortunately, many of us reward ourselves with destructive behaviors like give temporary relief but cause long-term damage, like eating a pint of ice cream (every night), skipping exercise, and giving in to negative self-talk. When I talk to women who practice these behaviors, they know they want to change, but don’t know how.

Transforming destructive behaviors into rituals you LOVE and crave is a big part of the work we do in the 90 Day Energized Transformation private coaching experience because I’ve learned that many women find it hard to accept and experience healthy pleasure. They think it’s bad, wrong, that they are undeserving, or have some negative connotation wrapped around pleasure.

Shifting this belief is key to your long-term wellness, so I am asking a simple question to get you started in today’s video: (By the way, the horse is hilarious! Watch what she does at the end!!!)

What is your one thing?

Leave a comment in the section below sharing what your one thing is and how you feel when you are doing it. I cannot wait to read them.

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Gerilyn Burnett helps women achieve the body, energy, and impact they desire by implementing healthy lifestyles they love! She specializes in helping Christian women cultivate health to the glory of God. Her own journey from miserable, fat, stuck, and tired to fit, confident, vibrant, and delicious make her uniquely suited for this mission! She has a knack for creating contagious healthy experiences and providing the needed support and accountability that turn diets into lifestyles and dreams into realities. Get started on your journey to vibrant vitality for life here

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