Welcome to Total Transformation Fitness where you never have to worry about your fitness again! I am honored that you have chosen me as your go-to resource for all things fitness because I know you have lots of options these days.

You’ll be receiving some emails soon including your first month’s fitness routine.

For best results, I suggest the following sequence:

  • Read through all of the materials
  • Look over your first month’s routine
  • Decide your fitness level (though it never hurts to begin with the Beginner Workouts)
  • Look over this month’s workouts and make sure you understand the exercises, the order, etc.
  • Match up the exercises with the Exercise Technique Description to make sure you are doing them safely and properly. Of course, the Exercise Technique Description never takes the place of receiving instruction from a certified fitness professional on exercise technique.
  • Begin the first week’s workouts by going through them with bodyweight only or a light weight just to get a feel for the workout. The next time you exercise, add a bit of weight or increase the difficulty, and so on.
  • Alternate workouts every time you exercise.
  • Record your progress! Enjoy!

So excited to serve you! If you ever need me, do not hesitate to email me at gerilynburnett@gmail.com. I cannot wait to hear from you.



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