The Vitality Initiative empowers women to create vibrantly healthy lifestyles they love that rapidly realize their goals and supports their initiatives so that they delight in life and live as effective stewardesses of their blessings.


It’s easy to get bogged down in the cares of the world – body image, addictions, finances, weight, consumerism, drama, etc. – but what if all of those barriers between you now and the you that you dream about were removed, one by one?

This is what The Vitality Initiative is all about, initiating a journey of healing that removes barriers and effectively prepares and empowers us to live lives of service – to our families, friends, and the world.

Influencing things we control – our lifestyles – is an essential first step to realizing bigger visions. It exemplifies that we are effective stewardesses of our lives and prepares us for bigger things. Our lifestyle includes our day-to-day behaviors, like our eating, moving, sleeping, communicative, and spending habits. It’s how we spend our time.

The Vitality Initiative helps you think through your lifestyle and live with intention, confidently creating a life you crave and love (instead of one in which you feel bitter, miserable, and dissatisfied).



Our Values


Each of us possesses the potential to realize any goal, dream, and/or vision, yet without education and empowerment, we’ll never know what is possible or how to get started. Empowerment means education in your hands – usable, actionable, effective – that goes above and beyond a cookie-cutter, done-for-you-system. We believe in teaching you how to make healthy decisions, not giving you the decisions to make. Educated, empowered people make confident choices that transform lives and produce abundant good in the world!


Vitality means “the state of being strong and active; energy/the power giving continuance of life, present in all living things.” Life is a gift from God and God is the power giving life. We believe that we live vibrant lives in thanks of our precious gift. This means opening pathways of healing in all areas – physical, mental, social, and emotional health – so that we can effectively experience more vitality. It also means letting go of things that block life flowing through us – like self-loathing, judgment, gossiping, unhealthy decisions, etc.


Knowing what to do and doing it are two different things. Initiative is taking a proactive approach to living a full vibrant life by seizing opportunities to grow and develop without excuses and blame. If we aren’t growing, we are dying, and initiative is all about growing. We don’t know what to do in every situation, but we are committed to figuring it out.


We believe strongly in a life of service, to ourselves and each other. Sharing our vitality with others, using our vitality for good, and looking for opportunities to be of service are some of the ways we live as effective stewardesses of our blessings.


What values define your life? Leave a comment below sharing your top values and what about them is important to you. (Psssttt… you’ll find that you are most happy when your actions and life align with the values that are most important to you.)



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