New Twist on an Old Fave

Because I’m on the go often, I like what’s quick and simple. We eat the same foods over and over again and love it, but sometimes you just need to spice it up a bit! It’s easier than you think!

Bacon Egg Burger

Here’s my delicious lunch recently! Peppered bacon with an egg fried in the bacon grease topping my grassfed burger! It was sooooo delicious, especially if you like to sop up egg yolk! If not, let it cook longer.

How can you spice burgers up??? Do one or more of the following things to give you a totally different flavor sensation!

1. Add bacon.

2. Add a fried egg

3. Add an avocado (especially tasty with bacon)

4. Add some cayenne to your burger seasoning!

5. Marinate your burgers in a gluten-free soy sauce, organic Tamari sauce. Also of note, Allegro makes a gluten-free marinade that my lovely mother was sweet enough to purchase for Clint and I. 🙂

What have I missed? What do you spice your burgers up with?! Comment below!

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