Travel Photo Food Diary – Day 1

What about traveling? Surely it’s just too difficult to eat Paleo while at conferences or away from home… right? Well…

Rachael and I left this morning at 6:15 A to make it to Clarksville for the Fit For The Future Conference by 8A. I didn’t want to pay for 2 nights in a hotel this close to home. This is the Tennessee School Health Coalition’s conference and was open not only to Coordinated School Health folks like us, but to all PE teachers, Nurses, Administrators, and Educators interested in the health of children.

I woke up late this morning at 5:30 A and rushed around to leave on time. I did, however, take a total of 5 min from prep to finish to throw this breakfast in a to-go container:

Quick Travel Breakfast

Yep. My go-to again – beef browned in coconut oil, kale, salt, and 1/2 an avocado. I almost brought a bunch of snacks with me, but left everything except two avocados to see just how difficult it would be out in the “wild” without my Paleo go-to’s.

Breakfast was served at the Conference, but nothing Paleo besides some fruit. The black coffee, however, was delicious! Bagels with cream cheese were the main fare for breakfast. Good thing I ate on the way!

Lunch was included at the Austin Peay University Center… After much questioning and searching, I finally pieced together the following lunch:

Travel Lunch

The chicken chunks were from the “Mexican” table, of which the manager assured me that there was no gluten. Upon this assurance, the lady tried to put it in a white tortilla shell for me… hmmmm… I found some veggies on the salad bar and some big green leaves at the hamburger topping bar. Not at all ideal, but it got us through until dinner…

Upon dismissal at 4:30 P, we immediately went to a local restaurant and ordered a huge hunk of meat!

1/4 Eaten Travel Dinner

I ordered a New York Strip Steak with a baked sweet potato – no cinnamon butter. Rachael got the Wild Salmon with a white potato. We were pretty hungry from lunch and definitely scarfed our dinner down in about 5 minutes. I got so involved I forgot to take the picture at first!

Although I could have eaten another steak, I resisted. I’ll eat an avocado in a bit if I’m still hungry!

Until tomorrow…


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