“This Doesn’t Apply To Me Because I’m Not ______.”

Do you ever skim over advice, an article, or an ad because you think, “This doesn’t apply to me because I’m not (fill in the blank – fat, sick, young, with IBS, etc.)?”

Of course you do. It’s how we are wired in the over-saturation of information age. We DVR TV shows to skip the commercials. We “tune-out” nutrition folks because we suffer from arthritis or depression, not diabetes, and those are obviously not related to eating AT ALL (dripping sarcasm intended).

I help people reverse disease and overcome health struggles with a high quality diet so that they live longer, enjoy more time, and feel better. Diet, the food you put into your body, applies to everyone and most situations.

It is estimated that 60-70 million people suffer from digestive diseases costing an estimated $141.8 billion dollars in 2004 (source: NDDIC at NIH.gov). Many of these end up going under the knife at some point for bowel re-sections, colostomies, mesh restructuring, hernia repair, etc.

What if you learned these procedures are completely unnecessary? What if you learned reversal (or vast improvement) is possible without medications or treatments? What if you learned that relief could happen quickly? Would you be interested?

Food can do all that. Gluten, the protein in wheat, rye, barley and several other grains, can cause $141.8 billion dollars worth of damage. The antinutrients found in whole grains are also extremely abrasive to the intestinal wall and cause severe inflammation.

Most people do not think about the plumbing in their house until a pipe busts and they are left to quickly find a plumber and eat the hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of damage in the aftermath. And that’s if they know where the leak is. Sometimes it’s a slow, seeping leak while other times produces geysers of water from the ground.

Most diseases can be linked to gluten sensitivity. The people who suffer from digestive disorders are sometimes the luckiest because they understand how certain foods affect their body. But the person with a digestive disease is the pipe that ruptures and floods the road.

Everyone else experiences symptoms somewhere else – in their mind, joints, or heart, for example. They are the slow-leaking pipe that costs lots of money over the long-term and lots of digging to find the true source of the leak.

Repairing the damage in both cases is simple. Stop the leak. In the body, this is achieved through restoring gut health. The only way to heal the gut is to remove inflammatory substances and restore microvilli health and bacterial balance. Putting a band-aid on the damage through yogurt and probiotics without removing inflammatory foods only fools your brain, not your intestines nor immune system.

Inflammatory substances include: ALL grains – wheat, rye, barley, brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, corn; legumes (especially peanuts, kidney, pinto, and black beans); high-temp pasteurized, homogenized dairy; large quantities of nuts and seeds; vegetable oils like soybean oil and canola oil; hydrogenated anything; and more.

For more information, a great resource is cardiologist Dr. William Davis’ new book, Wheat Belly. A notable quote from a recent article on cbn.com reads “Dr. Davis witnessed even more incredible experiences like a 26-year old man incapacitated by full-body joint pains who started to jog again, pain-free. Also there was a 38-year old schoolteacher who, just weeks before her surgeon scheduled colon removal and ileostomy bag, was cured from ulcerative colitis and intestinal hemorrhage–and stopped all medications.”

All from food. Yes, food is that powerful.

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What is your experience pre and post-grain removal? Comment below! Otherwise, share this with a friend, family member or co-worker who looks to you for answers. This information could save their life!

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