The Letter

Is this a real letter?  No.  Could it be?  Yes.

Dear Son,

Dad and I are so excited about your new baby and can hardly wait another month to meet her!  You and our sweet daughter-in-law will be great parents…please know you have our support.

We are proud of the fine young man you’ve grown into.  We had a few ‘touchy’ situations as you went through your teenage years, but those situations smoothed out nicely as you put childhood away.

We feel, however, that we failed you as parents in the area of good health.  Seeing you struggle with obesity and now learning that you are a type II diabetic make us feel guilty.  We know the way we raised you is only part of the problem, but we know that we helped you reach this point.

Several things contributed to your current struggles:  Dad and I were busy during your childhood, both of us working full-time to provide for you and your brother.  Due to a time crunch, we craved convenience and often had fast food for dinner.   I kept snacks around the house like potato chips, candy, cakes, and cookies – I knew how tasty you found those processed foods!  We often grabbed doughnuts on Saturday morning then continued that day with pizza.

You, like most boys, wanted the latest ‘box’ for video games.  We were glad to provide this entertainment for you, but soon noticed that many hours were spent in front of the television.  We didn’t set good boundaries for your time and you guys spent too much time in front of a screen.

It is not too late, son, for you to change things.  We encourage you, as your daughter arrives, to create a different life for her.  Encourage her to play outdoors, limit her television time, and help her eat ‘closer to the earth.’  Do not introduce processed foods in her diet.  As you do add solid foods, encourage her to eat lean meats, leafy vegetables, and fruit.  Encourage her to get involved in regular exercise.  And, of course, lots of good sleep is essential.

We love you, son, and wish you the best as you become a first-time father.  We know you’ll do a better job in the area of good health for your daughter and are excited about watching her grow up happy and healthy!

God bless you,


It is important for parents to instill good health habits in their children. With obesity rates rising and type II diabetes more prevalent, the call to educate our youngsters is loud and clear.  Parents everywhere are responsible for creating the healthiest life possible for their children.  A big part of this healthy life is proper eating.

Following the Paleo way of eating is the healthiest way to go.  Encouraging our children to eat lean meats is a given; introducing leafy vegetables into their diets early is essential.  Eliminate grains from their diet.  Do not be afraid to sauté foods in bacon grease or beef tallow.  Foods ‘closer to the earth’ (whole foods that are not processed) are what will start and sustain your child’s good health.

If you have not already, determine to change your family’s nutritional tree.  Don’t worry about mistakes in the past – start today to make changes in your (and your family’s) diet to promote the best health possible.


  • Pam Yarbro

    Reply Reply May 30, 2011


    • Pat

      Reply Reply May 30, 2011

      Ouch…right? I wrote this letter, Pam, and even though it is fiction there’s a lot of truth to it. We tried to eat a healthy diet when the boys were home but there was plenty of junk food around, I’m sorry to say.

      It was great seeing you yesterday! I’m glad you’ve had success with your fitness/eating goals. Take good care and we’ll see you at Daniel & Lena’s wedding in a few weeks!! -Pat

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