The Key to Resolution Reality This New Year

It’s about that time again. Time for the list of Resolutions to how 2013 will be the best year yet, how we’ll transform our bodies, learn a new language, spend more time with our families, conquer the world…

The only problem is, Resolutions last about 0.25 seconds in reality before life sets in, the same pressures we faced last year when this same resolution didn’t work, and we quickly forget about our good intentions. Until next year, that is…

And nothing actually changes, so we spend another entire year of our fragile lives wasting our time, talents, abilities, potentials to our schedules, to-do lists, and “emergencies” that are obviously higher on the priority list than TRANSFORMATION.

That’s dumb.

I can say that because I’ve done it too, year after year, good intention after good intention. It’s almost too easy to get caught up in the thinking that transformation just happens in movies. It isn’t real. And welcome the cycle of guilt and shame it all produces when we don’t succeed, we don’t transform, it doesn’t happen.

Enough already… I’m not interested in talking about change. I’m interested in creating change!

2013 can be your year of transformation! Call it the “Year of _(insert your name)_” if you wish!

But it all takes strategic planning. Part of this process is reflecting over 2012 in a quick journaling exercise. That’s what this week’s vitality episode is all about. Watch it here:

Your Vitality Assignment:

The answer to how our future will turn out is found in our past. It’s okay to acknowledge what did and did not go so well in 2012. And then, let’s think through what we need to do differently to ensure success (and transformation!) in 2013.

You’ll love the journaling questions. They are very didactic, so I encourage you to take 5 minutes to work through this exercise!

Then, leave a thoughtful comment below sharing what you discovered and your answer to question #4. 

I can’t wait to read every one.


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