Congratulations! And Welcome to our Circle!

Members aren’t just clients, you’re family! 🙂 Together, we get fit and live healthy through fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle solutions.

First, I want to honor your decision to take control of your health, your body, and your life. I understand you have several options for health and fitness, and I am honored that you chose me.

If you have any questions about your purchase, contact and I will respond within 24 hours – barring national holidays and weekends (we’re about enjoying life, right?!).

The next step is to add gerilyn@vitalitymentor to your ‘white list’ so our communication never gets sent to your Spam Folder. Then look for the email from me with your application, paperwork, and scheduling steps. 


Here’s What To Do To Get Started:

  1. Schedule Your First Session with this online scheduler.
  2. Download the Welcome Packet and fill out the associated paperwork. If you purchased a program online, please disregard the “Payment Page.” 
  3. Download the Health Appraisal Questionnaire (HAQ) and take your time in filling it out. It’s detailed. It’s confidential. It’s thorough and will take about 20-30 minutes, so find a quiet spot and give it your full attention.
  4. Return the forms & the HAQ at least 2 days prior to your first session! 🙂
  5. Get very excited! 🙂 



I am sooooo excited to work with you and help you realize your health and fitness goals! 🙂

Talk soon!




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