You asked for it...


Hi! That >>> is me from 4+ years ago. Don't you love old professional photos?! The truth is, I *really hate* being in front of the camera because I'd much rather have it recording you (& your amazing results). So I might update it someday, but I probably won't.

Until that fateful day, Come find me on the socials & introduce yourself... so I can put a face to your name! I want to know how you like your coffee, what you're reading, & figure out whether we should meet for coffee or tequila the next time you're in town.

I stalk people on Twitter, share food & training porn on Instagram, and deep dive on Facebook... when I'm using the socials at all, that is.

Below is the promised Top Batch Cooks for you, PLUS a free bonus! [Cue: this is when you jump up & down in excitement.]

1. Think Less, Have Delicious Eats On Hand All the Time with my Top Protein Batch Cooks.

Click here or on the image below to view & download.

2. 5-Minute Health Habit Accelerator

Click here or on the image below to access the 5-Minute Healthy Habit Accelerator + Journal immediately.

3. The Jump-Start (Your Healthy Eating) Toolkit

The Jump-Start Vitality Toolkit > including:

• the Kitchen Clean-Out Guide

• The Jump-Start Journal

• Jump-Start Formula Print-Out

• Fats to Eat & Fats to Avoid

• and more

Life tastes better with butter,


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