Mark Your Calendars! We Start Sunday, November 1st!

Here's what to expect:

  1. November > Building Better Habits, Weeknight Fall Menu, Fast & Fun Workouts 1.0, Delicious & Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes :), Living in the Image of God, 1:1 Jump-Start Session with Gerilyn

  2. December > Getting through the Holidays without Packing on the Pounds, Fun Christmas Favorites, Fast & Fun Workouts 2.0, Living in the Image of God

  3. January > Strong Start/Strong Finish, Getting Back to the Grind, Fast & Fun Workouts 3.0.,Living in the Image of God, 1:1 Coaching Session with Gerilyn

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P.S. I don't have all the answers, so please let me know what you want, what you'd like to see disappear, and how I can best serve you. This is created ultimately by you and for you, so it's will tailor to YOUR needs.

Schedule Your Jump-Start Coaching Session with Gerilyn.

You need a plan that works for your life, not someone else's. That's why this time is SO important to create a unique plan that fits your needs at your current life-stage, not a cookie cutter diet or fitness program.

Schedule your included Jump-Start 20-min Coaching Call to get clear on your plan, the steps you should focus on (and which to forget about), and address challenges before they arise.

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Below is a toolkit of FREE resources to help you lose the belly fat and live your best life (not someone else's)!

1. Conquer Your Mindset & Double Your Motivation Using Coach G's Rapid Resolution Reality Map

Click on the image to download your free copy of Coach G's Rapid Results Resolution Map, where you'll:

- Double your motivation

- Create failure-proof goals

- Make progress that flows, instead of feels forced

2. Eliminate Dieting Overwhelm with The Jump-Start Formula

Voila_Capture431Simply click the image to watch this short video right away.

3. The 30-Day At-Home Full Body Blast Workout


Simply click on the image (or, if you're using a PC, right-click & "Save") to download this free bodyweight workout to your computer.

4. The Jump-Start Toolkit

The Jump-Start Vitality Toolkit > including:

• the Kitchen Clean-Out Guide

• The Jump-Start Journal

• Jump-Start Formula Print-Out

• Fats to Eat & Fats to Avoid

• and more

5. Uncover Invisible Scripts Blocking Your Progress With a Faith-Based Health Model with Nourish to Flourish: Thriving Health, Abundant Life

NourishToFlourishCover150Simply click on the image (or, if you're using a PC, right-click & "Save") to download this free bodyweight workout to your computer.

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P.S. Don't try to do all of this at once. Pick the ONE resource that looks most exciting to you right now & download that. Then, hit 'reply' to the SAVE THIS EMAIL from me  (with all these goodies, so you don't ever lose it!) & tell me what you're starting with. 🙂