Tasty Tuesday: Shrimp & Tilapia Soup

Today’s Tasty Tuesday is yet another deliciously simple recipe from friend and former client Emperatíz Munguia. She and her husband were in my Vitality Renewal Private Coaching Program called The Fitnitiative. She lost 12 pounds and 4 inches and Lenin lost 26.5 pounds and 11.75 inches over 12 weeks! They used simple, effective recipes just like this one to accomplish their transformation and get healthy for life!

 Shrimp & Tilapia Soup

Put 1 potato, 1 chayote squash, 1 yautia lila chopped and add enough water add salt and pepper, boiled until the vegetables are blended. Then chopped two tomatoes, one onion and one jalapeño, cook with a little coconut oil for 5 minutes.

Then add the vegetables, tilapia filets and 1 pound of shrimp to the pot, after 10 minutes taste  and add salt if is necessary, cook until the shrimp and tilapia are cooked. Fry yellow plantain if you desire for serve later with avocado. Enjoy it!!



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