Summer 2013 Update

580515_10101599348754197_565487207_nLife is never boring, that’s for sure.

Over the past month and a half, life barrel rolled forward as I begged for it to slow down… just a teensy bit. The truth is, life doesn’t really care. And isn’t going to be forced into submission, despite our best attempts at time management, schedule management, and strategic planning.

There’s so much I want to share, but as soon as one event ended, something totally different and unexpected sideblinded us. So, here is a forecast of what I’ll be covering in the next few weeks:

  1. Our 3 Week Vacation. How exactly were we able to take three whole weeks off of work and afford to travel around, without depriving ourselves or getting (far) off of our healthy lifestyle we love? 
  2. Creating a Family Mission. Clint and I spend our anniversary each year updating and refining our mission statement that guides and directs our lives, service activities, charity giving, volunteering, and even reading. Our work provides clear focus and easy decision making. How do we do it?
  3. Strongwoman Competition. I’ve been training for my first Strongwoman Competition since March. I’ve got tons of photos and some videos to share about the experience and how discipline and consistency in one area synergize!
  4. Death & Life. Last Wednesday, one of our most favorite people in the whole world suddenly died. I don’t have any words of wisdom for navigating grief because, for the first time in my life, I cannot even pray for comfort right now, because there is no comfort to be had. It hurts. It’s hard. And I hate death. But I love the life our friend lead and want to share his legacy and what I’ve learned about prioritizing life.
  5. Financial Freedom. I’m learning about wealth building right now, especially how the average American is over $8K in credit card debt for consumer items. Yikes! Since I wasn’t able to fly home with Clint last weekend, I spent that time organizing all of our important documents and creating a financial baseline. I cannot wait to share my resources with you because life is too short to spend worrying over debt and complaining about not having enough.
  6. Upcoming this Fall… This fall is going to be an exciting last few months to finish out 2013. I’m super-excited to share with you what’s up and how you can improve your health, delight in your life, and transform your body before 2014! 🙂


The Big Takeaway:

Accountability is a key to creating change and improving your life. I’ve just shared with you six topics I want to share in the coming weeks. Because I’ve shared them publicly, my integrity and commitment will motivate me to follow-through, even when  especially when I don’t feel like it.

I’m doing this to not only provide some real life learning, but to overcome my own inertia when I’ve gotten out of the habit of performing an activity very important to me and my overall goals – writing and sharing with you.

I’m not perfect. I mess up. I get off track. I’ve eaten gluten, worried about my weight, and slept in (instead of worked out) in the past few weeks. And it’s okay. But I also am developing an intrinsic motivation vital to continuing to move forward and achieve overall progress this year. I’m breaking the old patterns that no longer serve me – like living lazy, unorganized, and intentionally ignorant of certain areas of my life so I don’t have to deal with them – and creating new ones that not only help me be a faithful stewardess to my Creator, but allow us to better serve and renew our world.


Who is helping you be accountable to your goals? The person or public entity (i.e., Facebook, etc.) that you are reticent to share with… that’s exactly who you need to declare your goals with immediately. Someone you trust, someone who will kick you in the pants when you’re slipping on purpose, and the someone who will support you when you’re overwhelmed. 

In the comments below, declare your goal, when you will achieve it, and who is keeping you accountable. Be as specific as possible! Because that’s they only way to get out of Stuckville and onto LIVING! 🙂

If you’re feeling stuck about what to do to get back on track, you are invited to schedule a complimentary Done With Overwhelm Strategy Call. In it, we’ll uncover your exact path to get on track quickly to living, loving, and vibrantly healthy! :)


Gerilyn Burnett helps women achieve the body, energy, and impact they desire by implementing healthy lifestyles they love! She specializes in helping Christian women cultivate health to the glory of God. Her own journey from miserable, fat, stuck, and tired to fit, confident, vibrant, and delicious make her uniquely suited for this mission! She has a knack for creating contagious healthy experiences and providing the needed support and accountability that turn diets into lifestyles and dreams into realities. Get started on your journey to vibrant vitality for life here

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