Hola Friends!

I’m super-excited to have the opportunity to work with you this summer to lean out, buff up, and get ripped for life!

This exclusive mixture of personal training, group camaraderie, short workouts, and affordable pricing make it a ‘no-brainer’ that NOW is YOUR TIME to begin your vitality journey for life!

I used to think that aerobics, spin classes, and kickboxing (classes) were the way to a 6-pack. The more I did classes, however, the more NOTHING happened. I was still puffy, not very strong, and never closer to looking like the instructor! I even became an instructor in pursuit of this ever-elusive dream! 12 hours a week working out with nothing to show for it.

Then, I was SURE it was running… but after many 5Ks, several 1/2 marathons, and a marathon… I was STILL puffy and didn’t look or feel the way I wanted to. For a few months, the more I ran, the MORE RESULTS I experienced! Exciting!!! But the results tapered off to a plateau-that-wouldn’t-budge eventually, and no matter how many hours I added to my running schedule (Sometimes 12-15 hours per week!)… NO RESULTS. I thought this was just a part of life.

Then I discovered circuit-training, resistance training, and CrossFit. As I began lifting weights, performing bodyweight exercises, and doing short intense workouts instead of long-slow distance, my body began changing. My weight didn’t budge much at first (ladies!), but my clothes fit differently. Once I added in healthy eating (and “healthy” probably ISN’T what you think it is!), I leaned out AND got stronger. Life is good!

No more training-controlling-my-life-syndrome! My vitality works for me now! 🙂

In addition to losing 30 pounds of fat, I can do pull-ups for the first time in my life. I can outwork most “beach guys” (you know, those six-packers who do “beach work” in the gym – constant bench presses and bicep curls – but can’t do 3 pull-ups to save their life), and my clients consistently out-perform folks doing P90X, Insanity, and the straight runners.

My lady clients usually want to lean out, and the training we do together definitely does that! Think ‘sexy, sleek arms’ and curvy hips! 😉

The men want to be beasts! Ripped, strong, powerful, and explosive.

Thankfully, this unconventional type of training will take both men and women to their desired level of fitness and beyond!

Here’s what you get:

A structured PLAN that builds on itself, to take you right where you are and progress you towards your goal SAFELY and effectively.

Random training produces random results. The only way to ensure you are leaning out and being pulled forward into your goal is to follow a PLAN and TRACK YOUR PROGRESS! I’ll provide the plan, the tracking, and the coaching… you show up… and the rest is history. 

Expert Coaching: This is HUGE. There are far too many trainers out there who have no business providing exercise instruction. In the right context with the right coach, however, you don’t just “workout,” you get an education in what it takes to be fit for life and the technique training to know if and when you are moving properly.

Nutrition EnhancementWanna know a dirty little secret? 85% of your leaning out will come from FOOD. How’s that for honesty from someone who makes a living as a personal trainer? NOT sharing this info is called ‘job security,’ but I really care about your results, so you’ll get only truth from me. I’ll help you out with food choices and give you a simple plan to really uplevel your results 10x in a delicious, non-dieting manner. 🙂

BONUS!!! Access to the Vitality Community. Utilizing this resource is worth double the price of the program alone. I’m proud of my elite level of clientele – they are committed to vitality, they are committed to results, and they are committed to sharing with each other. Join our Vitality BOOST Coaching Calls every week for Q&A, in-depth nutrition/mindset/fitness training, and inspiration, in addition to other valuable resources.


Like I’ve mentioned, I charge $1497 for this program. I also understand that you’re a STUDENT. But if you really dig in and get this this summer, then I guarantee it’s a gift that will bless you and everyone you come in contact with for a lifetime.

For you, it’s only $42 a month for as long as you work with me.

Use the Amazon.com button below to pay through your Amazon.com account. You will be charged $42 every month until you cancel your subscription through your Amazon.com account, so no hidden fees, contracts, or charges! 🙂

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