The Problem: Western society is not faring so well. We’re sick, we think cancer is normal, fat is normal, taking multiple prescriptions per day is normal. Instead of questioning our lifestyles or the foods we put in our bodies, we happily accept pills instead. We’re uncommitted, overworked and unfulfilled.

How’s that working out for you???

My mission is to help 1000 people get healthy through diet and strength training in one year! (May 2012)

We all want great figures, fulfilling relationships, financial freedom, more free time, peace within our spirit, successful marriages, an enjoyable career, and healthy bodies as characterized by a lack of disease.

All of these things are possible, but often we do the same things (that aren’t working) over and over again and expect different results. Cliche perhaps, but insanity for sure!

Continuing to poison ourselves mindlessly is suicide. I’m helping start a revolution of people who care about their health, wellness and children. People who care about the future of humanity and can fathom consequences over the instant pleasure of a donut.

Don’t expect to hear this from your TV, government or physician any time soon. And it’s really not their responsibility to keep you informed of the TRUTH. Too often we depend on leaders funded by mega-corporations, like pharmaceuticals and agriculture. We are taught to read and think critically (I hope) for a reason. Use that beautiful brain up there, dig in and figure out what works with your body.

Success involves doing things differently then the way everyone else does them. There will be criticism and negative pressure as you do things differently from your peers, friends and family. You will have to take responsibility for your life and defend your decisions. Stand strong! It’s worth it!

And that’s why I’m here… to help you along your journey! After trying everything as far as diet and exercise is concerned, I discovered strength training and Paleo works. Weight loss is effortless, eating is enjoyable, no counting calories, no restrictions!

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