So you gave up gluten. Now what?

Most folks do not realize the large part of eating that centers around gluten – breads, cookies, cakes, pastas, soups, cereals, soy sauce, “whole grains”, etc.

Perhaps you read my newspaper articles or know someone who is celiac or you think you have leaky gut syndrome and you want to give this gluten-free thing a fair shot. For many people, cutting gluten means cutting at least 50% of their diet. This might equal 800-1000 calories per day!

What will you replace it with?

Perhaps you should up the protein a bit (i.e. meat/fish/fowl), but FAT is the best alternative! Yes, yes, most of you are lipophobic – scared of fat – but the truth is that fat is your friend. Here are just two of the many reasons to eat fat. 🙂

Fat does not spike your insulin… ever. So you stay full instead of yo-yo ups and downs with hunger 1-2 hours after eating.

Fat does not make you fat. Since fat does not spike your insulin and insulin is the hormone that causes fat storage, there is no way that eating fat in itself makes you fat.

Easy ways to get more fat in your diet?

  • Saute your veggies in real butter, olive oil, tallow/lard, ghee, or coconut oil.
  • Add some heavy whipping cream to your coffee or make some Paleo Hot Chocolate 🙂
  • Make deviled eggs
  • Eat curries made with coconut milk
  • Dip veggies in homemade mayonnaise
  • Make some Baby Ganoush

I made these Fat Guacamole Devils from Mark’s Daily Apple. They were quick, simple and egg-cellent!


What did you replace gluten with in your diet? Leave a comment below!

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