SEXY Goal-Setting (& the gritty truth)

Goal-setting is the most boring topic on the planet for me. Maybe it’s because I’ve always spent tons of time planning out the perfect goals, only to never achieve any of them. Or perhaps it’s because it never pans out the way it looks on paper.

There’s the accountability stuff. My friends never keep me accountable, no matter how much they promise. And when my husband tries, well, it just royally pisses me off.

Then that deadline piece. Deadlines next month don’t matter much to motivate me today. Only about a week out do I realize I need to get my act together…

And to top it all off, I come face to face with the truth of myself and have no one else to blame for my lack of action and results. And that’s just depressing. 

Between overwhelmed and act-first-think-later, I’ve arrived at a middle ground of some structure with a lot of freedom when it comes to goal-setting. Whether you want to boost brain power, lose weight fast, get off medications, or be the best you you can be, goals are an important piece to the journey.

Learn my SEXY Goal Setting technique in today’s video.

Your Vitality Assignment

  1. What are your biggest challenges when it comes to making or attaining your goals? Leave your answer in the comments section below.
  2. What would implementing ONE of these SEXY steps look like for you?
  3. Commit to that step NOW. Feel free to share your commitment in the comments too so we can keep you accountable.


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