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I love steak! And I was convinced on Friday that perhaps grilling isn’t the absolute tastiest method of cooking a steak! Anthony let me borrow his book, Tender Grassfed Meat (that I have been secretly dreaming about buying for months), and I finally tried perfectly sauteing a steak! It is well worth it to go by the book and do it just right! We had two rib steaks. After thawing, I did beat mine with the tenderizer. Then all you need is:

  • cast iron skillet
  • real butter* – a.k.a. amish butter, Kerrygold, etc.
  • unfiltered olive oil
  • grassfed steak

After tenderizing the steak, I put the unfiltered olive oil and rosemary (but NO salt yet) on it and let it marinate for awhile – you’re supposed to do it overnight, but I forgot. It was still delicious! But it is worth the effort to let it sit overnight because I let some round steaks marinate overnight and actually made them tender and edible instead of tough and a chore to eat!

Unfiltered olive oil is cold pressed and the unstable fats (monounsaturated fats) are not oxidized yet. According to Fishman, this allows the fats to soak into the meat and tenderize it even more. Any Whole Food’s or Earthfare should have unfiltered olive oil. I ordered mine from U.S. Wellness Meats.

Real butter is very important because it can withstand somewhat higher temperature cooking than store-bought butter. According to Fishman, the “real” butter in the stores has water and some other stuff injected into it so that it does not hold up as well during cooking. Everyone should have access to Amish butter. I know of two sources in the Camden area – Brewer’s & local Amish folks sitting by the road.

After marinating AND allowing the meat to come to room temperature, I put a hunk of butter in my skillet and turned it on medium low. This is another very important step – LOW temperature cooking. Once the butter heats up and starts smoking just a little bit, salt both sides of your meat with Celtic sea salt, but NOT commercial salt, and put in the skillet.

Rare to medium rare is great, about 3-4 minutes each side, but you can do 5-6 minutes per side for a more done steak.

Grassfed meat is simply of a different quality than commercial feedlot beef, so there are different methods of preparation.

The finished product was the best steak EVER with a delicious purple sweet potato. The best part? I poured the rest of the butter/beef fat over the sweet potato. Talk about delicious!!!

Grassfed meat is available almost everywhere these days. I know J&J Farms out of Lexington sells it for a VERY low price. And several places in the East Tennessee Area. Yes, it’s more nutritious, but it’s not required for a healthy diet. If you do get some, I highly recommend this recipe!

What’s YOUR favorite meat recipe??? Comment below!


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    Glad that worked out for you!

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