5 Reasons to Eat Paleo

Why should you eat Paleo? Several reasons, but these make my Top 5:

1. Normalized weight. Instead of fat gain or muscle loss, you may gain some muscle and your weight will normalize right where it’s supposed to be! This isn’t just weight loss! It’s the set point that your body likes, which may be a lot less than you ever thought!

I opened some old photo folders from 2007 and found some jewels… I can’t believe I was that big! Now you may think, That’s not big, but I assure you, I felt disgusting, blah, and unable to do anything about it! Notice my face and my legs… I guess guys call it thick.



This morning (3/21/2011)

2. Glowing skin. Forget the tubs of anti-aging cream you spend a fortune on each year! Simply increasing quality healthy fats, and cutting the poisonous grains does more than any cream ever thought about doing! Check out these two pictures of me. I’ve always had a problem with acne – and stayed on medications until I started Paleo at 23.

Look at my skin instead of my unplucked eyebrows! 😉


3. Improve your sex life. Yep. I said it. SEX. Food can act just like drugs and change the level of our hormones, like estrogens and testosterone. If you’re eating a crappy, bread-laden, grain-filled, soy-based diet, it’s no wonder you have no sex life OR need a stimulant (like alcohol) to get in the mood.

Eat high quality proteins, veggies, and fats & you will naturally get in the mood again as your body heals itself and your hormones level out with the proper balance of estrogen and testosterone! Perhaps often! *No photos here 😉

4. It’s sustainable. You may not care about this earth, but I sure do and you should. Agriculture is literally wiping out entire ecosystems and we will pay the price in the end. Grassfed livestock, on the other hand, eat grass, which naturally replenishes itself when done properly. Paleo is definitely sustainable.

5. Boost in energy. Who couldn’t enjoy a boost in energy throughout the day?! You might actually have TOO much and not know what to do with it all! I have this issue often!

What are your top 5? Comment below!

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