I have so much more energy, digestion is painless, my skin is glowing, and I am far less irritable

I am a 40 year old woman and I’ve struggled with being overweight since early childhood. Through the years I have tried so many different diets and programs with little and short lived results. Then I met Gerilyn. She introduced me to her Vitality Renewal program 12 weeks ago and since then I’ve lost 25 pounds and 12 inches! The weight loss is great, but in addition to that I have so much more energy, digestion is painless, my skin is glowing, and I am far less irriatable than before Vitality Renewal just to name a few of my positive results!
    My husband and I have four young children and busy lives, so effective simplicity is very important to me. That is what Gerilyn is about. Getting the most results with the least time and effort! I immediately started my journey with the Jump Start Formula. It doesn’t get much simpler than that, folks! When I keep that simple formula in mind it makes my shopping, meal prep and eating a snap. I continue to use this formula as the basis for all my eating.
    Yes, I did go through withdraw from excessive carbs and sugars for the first two weeks. I experienced some headaches, disorientation, irritability and lots of cravings. But I got through it with Gerilyn encouraging me every step of the way. Now I LOVE THE WAY I GET TO EAT!!! I often wonder how things that taste so good can be healthy for me and my body fat just continues to slowly melt away! And I KNOW that even after my formal sessions with Gerilyn are finished I will still continue this healthy way of life because it’s simple, it’s delicious and IT WORKS!!! 

– Jennifer Blake
The Fitnitiative Private Client



“It is simple, but effective!”

The Jump-Start Formula is an easy and reliable way to start preparing your meals Paleo-style.

First, we were able to cut off our cravings. Second, we get more energy from food. Third, we were satisfied with smaller portions. Also, it allowed for us to make more balanced food choices based on healthier options. For instance, Lenin had a hard time wrestling with digestive issues but once we started using the Jump-Start formula, those digestive issues disappeared.

And it also helped us lose weight! Emperatríz lost 12.5 lbs. and ~4 in. and Lenin lost 26 lbs. and 11.75 in.! We definitely recommend it to others! It is an easy but effective way to get you acquainted with a healthier lifestyle. It is simple but effective; it works! And it keeps you focused on the right choices for a healthier lifestyle. It is a solid and reliable foundation to build your meals on.

– Lenin & Emperatríz Munguia

The Fitnitiative Private Clients

“This guilt-free way of living helped me make this an easy plan for my life!”

Here’s a story of a lovely lady who was bringing up 2 very lovely boys and then one left for college!  As I look back over the past 2 yrs, I realize life changes can bring on good, bad, or both.  In my case, I feel that this change plus reaching the “midlife” age had put me in a funk.  I was trying to appear happy, but inwardly I was struggling.  What better way to feel happy than to eat?  I’d sit on the computer and down a bag of chips in no time!  No exercise whatsoever, because I didn’t feel like it.

I went from an out of shape 5’4″ 140 lb. woman to 162 lb. woman ready to buy her size 14 pants because the 2 sizes I’d already climbed to were too tight!  I would try to diet by cutting back, but couldn’t budge more than a lb. or 2 off.  Fortunately for me in Feb. 2010 I experienced a very strange sore throat that caused ALL of my food to taste bitter.  This lasted for 2 wks. in which time I took off 8 lbs. by truly not being able to hardly eat.  I was loving this weight loss and decided then and there it was time to get serious!  A coworker and I decided to ask a friend at church if she’d take us on and help us get fit.  Her name is Gerilyn R. Burnett and she has been a blessing in my life!  I won’t tell you that it was an easy start but her 2-4 x a week workouts and introduction to the Paleo way of living began to change me.  Even though her workouts were fairly short (yet intense), I was so out of shape that I even had headaches in the beginning that would stop my workouts.  She always took care of me and kept encouraging me.  She would check my food journals and point out how I could possibly improve.  I feel the MOST IMPORTANT thing that she taught me was 80/20.  That is eating on track 80% of the time and ability to cheat 20% of the time.  This guilt-free way of living helped me make this an easy plan for my life.  Some weeks I am 100% on track and some weeks I am 60/40, but I always know when I fail that I can pick myself up, dust myself off, and get back on track.  It’s taken me 1 yr. as of April 1st to lose 23 more lbs., but I know my body has changed in shape so the number of lbs are only a guide.  I am smaller than I have been in years even at 130.5 lbs.  I am now comfortably in a size 8. (I was a 6 when I got married at 118 lbs) I have never gained more than a lb. or two over this entire year, but it always comes back off easily. I am not proud of this, but I even took a couple of months off with my exercise routine over the holidays and never gained any back.  I would like to lose another 5-10 lbs…when I am ready. It will mean becoming 100% on Paleo and adding a workout or two per week. (I currently work out with Gerilyn 2x a week) This honestly has been the best and easiest change in my life with happy results.  I feel better than I’ve felt in years!  It’s gotta be a choice and I choose healthy!  Much love and thanks go out to my fitness coach, Gerilyn Burnett.

– Pamela Yarbro

“I wish I’d known about gluten 40 years ago!”

My intestinal woes began over 40 years ago.  At age 15, after a breakup with a boyfriend, I started experiencing stomach/intestinal pain.  My mother took me to a doctor who suggested:  1) I feel my emotion in my gut, and 2) I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).
Yes, I do feel emotion in my gut.  When I am nervous or excited or stressed, my intestines get tight and uncomfortable.   But something more was going on.  Bloating, gas, slight pain – a general irritated feeling in my intestines – became part of my life.  For many years I assumed that I had to live with this uncomfortable feeling because ‘that was just the way I was.’
About nine months ago, my husband and I started educating ourselves on the Paleo way of eating.  We made some changes in our diet such as eliminating grains, legumes, flour from wheat (gluten), and sugar.  We started consuming more lean meats, fish, and eggs.  We started using bacon grease regularly in our cooking.  Processed foods became a thing of the past.  Leafy green vegetables became more prominent in our diet along with less fruit and nuts.  Grass-fed beef became one of our favorite foods and we found it tastier than the meat we used to buy.
There has been a change in my intestines.
I experience much less bloating, gas, and general uncomfortable feeling.  My intestines feel calm and much less irritated.  Could it be the change in our diet?  It has to be the reason because our diet is the only thing that has changed over the past several months.
I wish I had known about gluten 40 years ago.  Many people are gluten-intolerant and I have learned that I am one of them.  With the elimination of wheat flour, my unpleasant symptoms have decreased considerably.  As long as I follow the Paleo way of eating, I experience little of the intestinal discomfort I have known for so long.  On the rare occasion that I do eat something made from flour, I experience the familiar unpleasant symptoms for several days.
That piece of delicious-looking German chocolate cake just isn’t worth the intestinal irritation it will evoke!
I want to continue this healthy path my husband and I are on.  We desire optimum health for our years on this earth.  We want a life of few doctor visits and medications.  We want to honor God with our bodies by taking care of them.  Eating closer to the earth is our mantra.  Following the Paleo diet is our answer.

– Pat Fuller

“It Was Truly Effortless Weight Loss!”

Disgusting. Tired. Insecure. These are the words that I would have used to describe myself less than six months ago. After baby number two, I had resolved with myself that chubby was just the way I was going to be. In a world of skinny, I just was not one of the lucky few! Sure, I looked great next to my 200+ pound co-workers, but do we really know what healthy even looks like these days? I was determined to find out.

I just sort of “fell” into the paleo way of eating. I started a diet that eliminated all grains and dairy, except for yogurt. It also restricted fats/oils to 2 tbsp daily. It worked, but only for a little while. I lost a considerable amount of weight, but was still a ways off from my goal. A friend introduced me to the CRAZY idea that meat (besides chicken and turkey!!!) and fats were not the enemy. Are you serious??? You mean I can eat bacon??? I was sold! Well, not immediately, but I just went with it. To my surprise, it worked. I mean, it was truly effortless weight loss. I ate as much as I wanted, within the Paleo limits, and the weight just kept falling off. I made it, not only back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but 14 pounds below that and it was easy.
I love this way of eating. I am not sure I could ever go back to eating grains, nasty carbs, tons of sugar, etc. I feel like I have never felt before. I feel pure, energetic, and have a great mood. It is amazing what your food can do for you. Don’t let you food do bad to you. You are in control of getting your food to work for your body and health. It is worth any “sacrifice” you have to make of your old favorite foods. I am a runner and it has improved my performance tremendously. I really believe it can improve almost any aspect of your life. When you feel good about yourself, and just good in general, it is impossible for it not to leak into other aspects of your life. If you are thinking about giving Paleo a try, go for it! Jump in head first, you will not regret it!

– Laura Fawcett


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