Real Life Success Stories – Way to go Pam!

Our very first Real Life Success Story from the gorgeous Pamela Yarbro!

“Here’s a story of a lovely lady who was bringing up 2 very lovely boys and then one left for college!  As I look back over the past 2 yrs, I realize life changes can bring on good, bad, or both.  In my case, I feel that this change plus reaching the “midlife” age had put me in a funk.  I was trying to appear happy, but inwardly I was struggling.  What better way to feel happy than to eat?  I’d sit on the computer and down a bag of chips in no time!  No exercise whatsoever, because I didn’t feel like it.

I went from an out of shape 5’4″ 140 lb. woman to 162 lb. woman ready to buy her size 14 pants b/c the 2 sizes I’d already climbed to were too tight!  I would try to diet by cutting back, but couldn’t budge more than a lb. or 2 off.  Fortunately for me in Feb. 2010 I experienced a very strange sore throat that caused ALL of my food to taste bitter.  This lasted for 2 wks. in which time I took off 8 lbs. by truly not being able to hardly eat.  I was loving this weight loss and decided then and there it was time to get serious!  A coworker and I decided to ask a friend at church if she’d take us on and help us get fit.  Her name is Gerilyn R. Burnett and she has been a blessing in my life!  I won’t tell you that it was an easy start but her 2-4 x a week workouts and introduction to the Paleo way of living began to change me.  Even though her workouts were fairly short (yet intense), I was so out of shape that I even had headaches in the beginning that would stop my workouts.  She always took care of me and kept encouraging me.  She would check my food journals and point out how I could possibly improve.  I feel the MOST IMPORTANT thing that she taught me was 80/20.  That is eating on track 80% of the time and ability to cheat 20% of the time.  This guilt-free way of living helped me make this an easy plan for my life.  Some weeks I am 100% on track and some weeks I am 60/40, but I always know when I fail that I can pick myself up, dust myself off, and get back on track.  It’s taken me 1 yr. as of April 1st to lose 23 more lbs., but I know my body has changed in shape so the number of lbs are only a guide.  I am smaller than I have been in years even at 130.5 lbs.  I am now comfortably in a size 8. (I was a 6 when I got married at 118 lbs) I have never gained more than a lb. or two over this entire year, but it always comes back off easily. I am not proud of this, but I even took a couple of months off with my exercise routine over the holidays and never gained any back.  I would like to lose another 5-10 lbs…when I am ready. It will mean becoming 100% on Paleo and adding a workout or two per week. (I currently work out with Gerilyn 2x a week) This honestly has been the best and easiest change in my life with happy results.  I feel better than I’ve felt in years!  It’s gotta be a choice and I choose healthy!  Much love and thanks go out to my fitness coach, Gerilyn Burnett.”


Great work Pamela!










  • Joyce

    Reply Reply May 12, 2011

    Wow! What an inspiration and how encouraging to hear this story. Thank you for sharing

    • gerilyn

      Reply Reply May 12, 2011

      Thanks Joyce! She’s awesome! She has really dug and in and continued to work the program… even when she fell off track every now and then 🙂 Hope to have many more in the near future. Stay tuned!

  • Susie Belisle

    Reply Reply May 12, 2011

    So, so proud of you Pam! You are a great inspiration to us ALL!

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