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Paleo works. Now you can see how it works in real people’s lives, just like you:

My intestinal woes began over 40 years ago.  At age 15, after a breakup with a boyfriend, I started experiencing stomach/intestinal pain.  My mother took me to a doctor who suggested:  1) I feel my emotion in my gut, and 2) I may have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

Yes, I do feel emotion in my gut.  When I am nervous or excited or stressed, my intestines get tight and uncomfortable.   But something more was going on.  Bloating, gas, slight pain – a general irritated feeling in my intestines – became part of my life.  For many years I assumed that I had to live with this uncomfortable feeling because ‘that was just the way I was.’

About nine months ago, my husband and I started educating ourselves on the Paleo way of eating.  We made some changes in our diet such as eliminating grains, legumes, flour from wheat (gluten), and sugar.  We started consuming more lean meats, fish, and eggs.  We started using bacon grease regularly in our cooking.  Processed foods became a thing of the past.  Leafy green vegetables became more prominent in our diet along with less fruit and nuts.  Grass-fed beef became one of our favorite foods and we found it tastier than the meat we used to buy.

There has been a change in my intestines.

I experience much less bloating, gas, and general uncomfortable feeling.  My intestines feel calm and much less irritated.  Could it be the change in our diet?  It has to be the reason because our diet is the only thing that has changed over the past several months.

I wish I had known about gluten 40 years ago.  Many people are gluten-intolerant and I have learned that I am one of them.  With the elimination of wheat flour, my unpleasant symptoms have decreased considerably.  As long as I follow the Paleo way of eating, I experience little of the intestinal discomfort I have known for so long.  On the rare occasion that I do eat something made from flour, I experience the familiar unpleasant symptoms for several days.

That piece of delicious-looking German chocolate cake just isn’t worth the intestinal irritation it will evoke!

I want to continue this healthy path my husband and I are on.  We desire optimum health for our years on this earth.  We want a life of few doctor visits and medications.  We want to honor God with our bodies by taking care of them.  Eating closer to the earth is our mantra.  Following the Paleo diet is our answer.


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  • Pam Yarbro

    Reply Reply May 17, 2011

    Perfectly said!

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