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Can Paleo really solve your problems of flab, messed up digestion and fatigue? Read on and see!


Disgusting. Tired. Insecure. These are the words that I would have used to describe myself less than six months ago. After baby number two, I had resolved with myself that chubby was just the way I was going to be. In a world of skinny, I just was not one of the lucky few! Sure, I looked great next to my 200+ pound co-workers, but do we really know what healthy even looks like these days? I was determined to find out.

I just sort of “fell” into the paleo way of eating. I started a diet that eliminated all grains and dairy, except for yogurt. It also restricted fats/oils to 2 tbsp daily. It worked, but only for a little while. I lost a considerable amount of weight, but was still a ways off from my goal. A friend introduced me to the CRAZY idea that meat (besides chicken and turkey!!!) and fats were not the enemy. Are you serious??? You mean I can eat bacon??? I was sold! Well, not immediately, but I just went with it. To my surprise, it worked. I mean, it was truly effortless weight loss. I ate as much as I wanted, within the Paleo limits, and the weight just kept falling off. I made it, not only back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but 14 pounds below that and it was easy.
I love this way of eating. I am not sure I could ever go back to eating grains, nasty carbs, tons of sugar, etc. I feel like I have never felt before. I feel pure, energetic, and have a great mood. It is amazing what your food can do for you. Don’t let you food do bad to you. You are in control of getting your food to work for your body and health. It is worth any “sacrifice” you have to make of your old favorite foods. I am a runner and it has improved my performance tremendously. I really believe it can improve almost any aspect of your life. When you feel good about yourself, and just good in general, it is impossible for it not to leak into other aspects of your life. If you are thinking about giving Paleo a try, go for it! Jump in head first, you will not regret it!


Jan. 2011/April 2011



Editor’s Note: Laura also recently ran a 25:20 5K with very little practice! With each one, she shaves off a MINUTE! Way to go Laura! 🙂 Her workouts have been short and intense instead of long and slow! These results do not lie.


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    Way to go, Laura!!!

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