Women (& some awesome men) thrive in Gerilyn’s simple, effective nutrition and strength training programs.

The Fitnitiative INSIDER 

Get fit without the fuss with monthly fitness routines designed to burn fat and increase lean sexy muscle in less than 3 hours a week!


Change your life in 30 Days!

Jump-Start Vitality: 30 Day Challenge

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Some of Gerilyn’s other projects include:

Paleo Made Simple

My health, body, and energy transformed the day I finally gave up my raw vegan diet and tried Paleo, grudgingly at first! The RESULTS were undeniable, the transformation lasting, and the maintenance shockingly simple! Click here to read more about my Paleo journey.

FREE 7 Day Nutrition Coaching Course & Paleo Made Simple: 30 Days to the New You ebook ($67 value)Click here to start your Nutrition Coaching Course & Ebook Free!

Grocery Guide – Eliminate confusion and costly mistakes with this handy, dandy Grocery Guide that provides you support while you shop! Customer tested and approved. Click here to eliminate Paleo confusion today!


Nourish to Flourish: A Christian’s Guide to Thriving Health for an Abundant Life

Where and how does physical health ‘fit in’ to spiritual health and a life of faith? In this ebook, you’ll learn the Abundant Life Model – a blueprint on life and where all the pieces fit – what your role is, and EXACTLY what things to focus on to move forward.

Cultivate health to the glory of God and leave a legacy you are proud of.

Click here to get your FREE copy instantly.

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