Practice Gratitude Through Remembrance

Today I am overflowing with gratitude. 

Nine years ago, I…

… finished my first semester of college with a 0.4 GPA.

… hung out with meth “cooks”.

… regularly traded my body for the next high.

… woke up to realize I’d been slipped a roofie the night before.

… tried to begin my entrepreneurial career selling illegal pharmaceuticals.

… believed the Matrix was a real thing & took out all of my piercings because “they” might be transmitting messages and controlling me (true story).

… quit rehab after a week.

… had NO ONE in my life that I could trust.

… was broke, destitute, and the way out seemed insurmountable.


TODAY I am so far removed from that chaotic place that I laugh in disbelief remembering!

Everything is possible for those who desire a better future and are willing to work for it.

Butter love,




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