Hello and welcome to Jory and Beth’s Peak Performance Group!

I am delighted you are here and have some goodies to help you easily follow-through on your healthy living, simply, easily, deliciously! In fact, the following resources are designed to take the thinking out of the equation!

1. Schedule your complimentary “Double Your Energy” Breakthrough Session (a $75 Value) with Gerilyn!

In this session we:

  • Uncover what is sabotaging your energy before your day even begins!
  • Reveal what roadblocks are preventing you from obtaining, maintaining, and loving your most vibrant self!
  • Create a step-by-step plan to transform your vitality and double your energy! You’ll know exactly what to do, exactly what’s holding you back, and exactly how to ensure your lifelong success! 

Click here to schedule your session now.


2. Download this free graphic to check off what 7 things you should focus on every day for a vibrant, energetic life!


3. Free Full Body Blast 1 Month Workout

Ladies and men alike LOVE this Full Body Blast at-home bodyweight workout routine. Feel stronger, slimmer, and more alive in just four weeks! 🙂


Click here to download your workout as my gift!

4. A 10% Off Coupon!

Resonate with my work? Know it’s time to take your vitality to the next level and follow through on your dreams? Since I LOVE Jory and Beth, I can’t help but give their peeps some love too!

If you enroll in any of my programs before July 1st, 2013, use the coupon code PEAK10 to receive 10% off your entire purchase! 


BE a blessing,


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