So You Completed the Jump-Start Vitality 30 Day Challenge?

CONGRATULATIONS! Modifying your diet is one of the hardest yet rewarding things you’ll ever do – for your body, mind, and health.

Take a moment to consider your RESULTS:

  • How’s your ENERGY?
  • How do your CLOTHES fit?
  • How is your thinking? Memory? Focus?
  • What’s your libido like?
  • How does your hair, skin, and nails look and feel?
  • What’s your sleep like?

These results are NO ACCIDENT.

It’s all about the right plan with the support you need to stay consistent. It’s amazing what a real food eating plan and healthy lifestyle will do for your complete outlook on life! How it’s a launching point for an amazing life full of rich experiences and the things that really matter.

Staying CONSISTENT is ESSENTIAL to your success!

That’s why I’ve created the My Jump-Start Year program! To fully support you all year long, both in a group and in-person.

You’ll get:

  • consistent motivation
  • accountability
  • 30 minutes individual coaching w/Gerilyn every month
  • monthly workout program with videos
  • monthly group coaching call


All this for only $47 a month. I’ve NEVER done anything like this before and I’m super-stoked to bring it to you today at this low monthly, no hassles, cancel any time price!


Want to get your coaching FREE? Get 3 people to sign up for the Jump-Start Vitality 30 Day Challenge  the next time and get one month FREE! Get six for two months, and so on!



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