Ladies! We are already creating Your Adventure Map in our Jump-Start Sessions.

  1. We picked your first focus area - food or fitness - based on what you are motivated to work on and what will give you the most bang for your buck (with the least effort & disruption to your current normal schedule).
  2. We established where you are right now (not where you want to be, think you should be, or compared to so-and-so). For example, currently eating 2 veggies a day, currently not exercising at all, currently preparing home-cooked food 2x a week, currently stress-eating junk food on Saturdays and Sundays.
  3. We established your final destination for this #holyhabit. For example, cooking 10 sweet potatoes on Sunday every week so you have ready-made lunches, eating 4 veggies per day, exercising 3x per week, eating home-cooked food 2 meals per day or more, etc.
  4. We discussed that lasting change comes from changing your IDENTITY. Step One: Decide who you want to be (e.g., I practice self-care through exercise), and Step Two: Prove it to yourself as quickly as possible - hence the BABY step below to start the #holyhabit. Proving success in a piece of the habit translates to success in the entire habit. PRACTICE not perfection.
  5. We broke it down to the first easiest step to build momentum in the habit (ritual) & when you will do it (reminder). For example, buy pre-cut veggies to start eating more veggies, batch cook every Saturday, add protein powder to your current breakfast, after washing dishes for dinner open the front door and step outside, etc.
  6. We discussed how you will reward yourself for success out loud & verbally. Smile while you do this!
  7. We discussed FAILURE. It will happen. The important part is returning to the first initial baby step, creating success, celebrating it, and then building on to more.

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