Practice Relentless Honesty


Until we are honest with ourselves and willing to dig deep, we'll never experience lasting fat loss or content with our bodies and our lives. This week's training will help you cultivate a practice of relentless honesty with yourself so that you'll quickly be able to make forward progress on your holy habits.

Understand the origin of discontent

Click here to access this training. Practicing relentless honesty means we need to know why we are discontent. Today takes us to James 1:5-8 and some digging deeper questions.

Own It!

Click here to access today's lesson. When you own your circumstances and your choices, you liberate your future. Take today's challenge to swap this one thing to begin taking more responsibility in your life today.

Going deeper:

Where are you beginning to create like God, or bring order to chaotic (out of control) areas of your life?

What is your foundation? Where will you start? (Pssst... this is why we pick specific things in our Jump-Start sessions that may look like only a piece of the full habit we desire to create)

In what areas or ways do you find yourself doing the opposite - taking on everything & putting pressure on yourself to do it all yesterday (and often punishing yourself if you don't)?


  • Joyce

    Reply Reply November 9, 2015

    This certainly hits home as my niece and her 3 small children have asked to stay with us for 2 months. A friend asked me to help her this week, another friend needs me to drive her around for 2 days for Medical reasons, oh, and I have a job to attend to. I say yes to all of it because it feels bad to decline requests for help, especially when it is family or friends asking. So chaos lives here.

  • Janis Mosher

    Reply Reply November 10, 2015

    I am getting anxiety under control and putting more into God’s hands. Taking things step by step with first focus on fitting in Exercise Routine. I always plan on doing to much at once so I get overwhelmed hence I do nothing! Working on this this month! Thanks Gerilyn!

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