Hi lovelies! I'm sooooo glad you're here! This will be one wild ride! In the coming weeks, you'll learn exactly how to lose weight, boost your energy, & live a life you love to the glory of God by building #holyhabits. This is for you whether you are just getting started exercising and eating well or whether you've been on a healthy path for years and just want to upgrade your skills. I'll share stuff that took me years to learn, including mistakes that kept me bloated and miserable even after I looked "lean" and like "I had it all together."


Here’s exactly how it will work:


#holyhabits: Each week, you'll explore a new topic essential to building and maintaining healthy habits that last. Each topic includes five weekday video lessons that dive into scripture and psychology to not only help you form new habits that form your health, weight loss, and fitness goals, but address everything that stands in the way of you showing up each and every day as your best self.

Fitness: Every month, you'll receive three follow-along workout videos to help build your fitness habit if you're just starting out or take your workouts to the next level if you need more ideas.

Food: Here you'll find everything you need to know to start building better eating, cooking, shopping, and design habits to lose weight, boost energy, and make cooking a breeze whether you're on-the-fly or plan out every step.

Sisters Circle: You get to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee or tea with your sisters every month from the comfort of your own favorite chair. Here's where you get encouraged, motivated, focused, and clarified to eliminate stubborn obstacles ASAP.

Click here to deep-dive into #holyhabits. Why habits? How do you form habits? How do you keep them? How do you let go of bad habits? And how do you do ALL this with a busy schedule while having fun?

Click here to access resources all food, nutrition, what to eat when, and more.

Click here for your follow-along Fast & Fun Fitness workouts for busy people!

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