Hopefully, many of your logistic questions will be answered in the video and the info below! If not, simply Facebook me or shoot me an email! Talk soon!

UPLEVEL Your Results! Ensure Your Success!

Watch the video and if this opportunity sounds like a great fit for you, click the link to solidify making your 2013 resolution a reality that STICKS this year!


The Call-Schedule:

  1. Monday, December 31st @ 3pm EST: “How to Succeed in the Jump-Start Challenge, Q&A”
  2. Monday, January 14th @ 3pm EST
  3. Monday, January 28th @ 3pm EST

The dailyDARTS 

These daily accountability emails will begin January 1st and run through the 30th. I encourage you to open and read one thing each day to keep you motivated and inspired. Oh, and you’ll learn stuff too! 😉

The Triage Challenge

If you only have time to do one thing, eat real food. Seriously. Forget about fitness and just do the eating plan. I PROMISE you’ll feel, see, and get great results!
Then, live smart. Pick a few things on the list each day! Have fun with it!
Finally, fit in fitness. 🙂

The Facebook Page

Join our private Facebook page here. For best results, get involved! The more active you are here, the more results you’ll see!
Talk soon,
P.S. If you cannot attend the first vitalityBOOST on Monday, please submit your questions on the Facebook page!

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