Jump-Start Julie (Jump-Start George)

• The person who used to be in great shape & wants to see that body again.

• In the beginning stages of getting fit again or wanting to bust through a plateau


Who you are

As Jump-Start Julie, you’re a busy professional who has been in great shape before, but let yourself go because “life happens.” You love your life but you’d like to get in great shape quickly, without juggling your schedule to fit in hours of exercise and miserable dieting. Without cutting into precious family time, you wonder if lasting fat loss is even possible for you. You may have a diet in mind or the running plan all laid out, but either way, this is the jump-start phase for you and you’d like to see lasting fat loss quickly. You want to lean out and get fit, now.

What your issues tend to be

You’re super-passionate about what you do and you so badly want to live an active, energetic life, but right now those extra pounds are an issue for you, one that’s creating some stress and causing you to feel “blah” and breathless most days. That’s because you “don’t know what you don’t know” about nutrition and fitness yet, and you’re still learning what’s going to work to produce lifelong fat loss and fitness for the least effort. There’s a lot of effort going out, but not a lot of fat loss coming in.


What you need most right now

Your primary focus needs to be on getting healthy and creating a lifestyle that produces fat loss quickly, yet comfortably. It’s all about applying a simple nutrition formula and then working the formula consistently, so you lean out for life. At the same time, it’s important for us to look at your lifestyle and especially your fitness program (you’re probably not choosing the right kind of exercise and therefore leaving lots of fat on your midsection). Then, it’s all about stating specific goals and putting on blinders to experience effortless fat loss and fitness in record time… and forgetting the rest.


The program you’ll thrive in…

• The Jump-Start 30-Day Challenge!

The Jump-Start Vitality 30 Day Challenge is a fully supported food and fitness challenge to accelerate fat loss and health improvements, in less time and effort than traditional diet and fitness programs. Beyond the Jump-Start Vitality curriculum, you get access to expert coaching with Gerilyn every week, plus the accountability and support you need to follow-through on your healthy lifestyle efforts. If you’re ready to lose 4-12 pounds in the next 30 days and Jump-Start your healthy lifestyle FOR LIFE in a group of like-minded women, the Jump-Start Challenge is for you.

The next challenge starts MONDAY, NOVEMBER 5TH! Just in time for the Holidays! Are you in???



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