Is poverty just a mindset?

I listened to this podcast with Tom Corley, author of Rich Habits, on Bulletproof Radio recently and was struck by his claim that poverty and wealth are a mindset propagated by parents/caregivers, not a condition.

He says things like:

  • Wealth and poverty are consequences of habits over a lifetime.
  • Wealthy people watch much less TV than poor people and spend more time on self-development.
  • The wealthy eat less junk food than the poor.
  • The wealthy get up an average of 3 hours before they begin their workday and spend that time on creative, healthy, and/or self-development activities.
  • The wealthy gossip less than the poor.
  • The wealthy read more than the poor.
  • And so on…

Have you ever thought what someone’s coffee table or bookshelf tells you about them? Or lack thereof? It’s an interesting correlation with the above discussion. I know I’m going to notice it this week.


On Friday I’ll share what I think about Tom’s claims, but in the meantime, I’m curious to know your thoughts in answer to this question…

what do you think about physical wealth and poverty as a state of mind? Is this guy just some well-off white guy who obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about? Or does he have a point?

Leave a comment sharing your thoughts. Or, if you aren’t comfy airing your thoughts publicly, email me at with your response. I read every one.




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