How To Make Small Changes Multiply in 2013


Would you rather… receive $1 million OR receive 1 penny that doubles in value over 30 days? 

If you’ve heard this question before (or are great at math), then you know to choose the penny over the instant cash because it adds up to $10,737,418.24, over ten times the $1 million dollars!!!

Here’s the rub. Getting more requires patience, perseverance, and thinking the opposite of everyone else.

Many people think of money as a fixed commodity. There’s only so much, so choose the largest amount possible now and try not to spend any because then it’ll be gone. These folks may go ahead and choose the $1 million too, because it’s safe, secure, and given. They could do more now but run out later. 

With the penny, however, you start out with less. Significantly less. In fact, you’re pretty much broke for a month if you want to maximize your earnings. So you have to wait for the reward.

Waiting and trusting are lost practices on most people in the 21st century. 


Now, would you rather… instantly lose __ pounds/get off one med OR take one small healthy action each day that doubles for 30 days and sticks for the rest of your life? 

In our society, many would choose instant gratification. Take ten pounds off NOW. In truth, this type of thinking is immature and unlikely to make you truly happy.

Who cares if you get ten pounds off, but don’t know how to live to keep it off? This is how most folks end up right back where they started… and then some!

What the wise person understands is that healing happens from the inside out. That results come from right actions. That waiting pays exponential dividends. And that small things over time add up to BIG, significant RESULTS – in vibrant health, in richer relationships, in a fitter body (not skinny fat…), in true contentment.


You have a unique opportunity in 2013. It’s a fresh start to a new year, full of possibility. 

Whatever your desires, ambitions, hopes, goals, and dreams, your health is the vehicle to make it possible. 

Treating your health like a fixed commodity usually ends by losing it quickly or slowly, and

  • you won’t enjoy your grandchildren’s graduation… even if you get to attend.
  • you won’t climb a mountain, run a 5K, or even play with your children for more than 2 minutes at a time.
  • there’s no promotion, performance, progress, or significant pay increase (Sadly, you may be doing quite well, but what is possible if you felt like a million bucks all day every day???) 
  • your quality of life decreases in every way possible – no travel, no games, no walks, no exploring, no sex, less connection, and lots of regrets.

Choosing to invest in your health and practice patience with small, daily, consistent actions, however, produces:

  • continual challenge, novelty, growth, and happiness.
  • improved health, mind, body, and soul.
  • true healing that begins within and naturally lets go of excess weight, reduces the need for meds, and consistently rejuvenates.
  • engagement with life, people, and experiences and an acceptance of all.
  • a ripple effect: people notice your change and want some!


Rising above, taking the challenge, and committing to small healthy changes pays exponential dividends over time. 

So the next time you think, What does drinking one glass of water today matter when I’m not doing x, y, or z, STOP right there and celebrate your progress! Consistency, not perfection, produces lasting, healthy results! 🙂


Your Vitality Assignment

  1. Pick one healthy habit to focus on next week – e.g., drinking a glass of water, eating a real food breakfast, walking on your lunch break, cooking with your spouse 1 night a week.
  2. Use this weekend to plan how/when/where you’ll do your ONE thing.
  3. List potential challenges to your new habit AND what you’ll do instead.
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Gerilyn helps people all over the world improve their lives & experience more energy, more weight loss, and more vibrant health through real food nutrition, fitness, and healthy living so that they savor life again and BE a blessing! Her experience in nutrition, strength & conditioning, personal growth, love of cooking, and passion for transformation make her uniquely suited for this mission. She has a knack for creating contagious healthy experiences and providing the needed support and accountability that turn diets into lifestyles and dreams into realities.

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