How to Experience More Freedom in Vitality

Would you like to experience more freedom in your vitality journey? Perhaps you want to eat more & move less while still experiencing fat loss and abundant energy. Maybe you want to eat as much as you want without guilt? Or perhaps you simply want to break free of the hamster wheel of miserable dieting and endless exercise  and counting calories or points with little return in terms of fat loss, pants size, and energy levels.

Freedom in vitality is the ability to live life vibrantly, authentically, and fully, unrestricted by past ‘baggage’, current struggles, or problems. Yet I often see women make vitality another restricting chain instead of a path of increasing freedom! Perhaps you’ve experienced some of these ‘chains’ too (I know I have):

  • going on a crash diet… only to re-gain the weight and then some
  • committing to a new exercise plan & working out 1-2 hours a day every day without a break
  • thinking, I can eat whatever I want because I worked out
  • obsessively weighing and measuring every single portion and/or calorie, always looking for places to ‘cut’
  • switching from sugar to artificial sweeteners because ‘they’re healthier’
  • swapping bread, flour, and pasta for gluten-free bread, flour, and pasta
  • thinking, Nothing is bad in moderation, while not progressing towards goals
  • failing to celebrate all of the victories, no matter how minor, along your vitality journey because ‘you can always improve’
  • get overwhelmed by how long your journey might take, so you binge or quit early
  • on track – off track big time – on track a week – off track two weeks – on track two days – off track two months
  • and the like…
Can you imagine a time when you were content with your body, not desiring to lose weight, slim down, or tone up? Can you imagine eating all you want without gaining an ounce? Can you picture life without constantly thinking about food, exercise, or your body? Would you feel free?If you’re like most of my clients, this time was either a very long time ago (in the sum of 15+ years) OR never. Yep. The truth is that this struggle with body image, weight, and health has consumed entire lives… to the degree that I’ll wager some of us would not know what to do with ourselves if we weren’t constantly thinking and obsessing over our bodies.

A common theme among my private clients is the tremendous freedom they experience when the ‘aha’ about food and fitness clicks for them. Instead of being a slave to their diet or fitness routine, they are now empowered to make their diet (simply the food they eat, NOT a specific weight loss or extreme eating plan) and fitness work for them – in their schedule, at their leisure. To get the exact formula my private clients use to experience lasting fat loss and vibrant health, absolutely free, click here for the video.

Experiencing more freedom is about implementing an effective food and fitness plan with the right level of accountability and support. It’s about simplicity, not more whiz bang stuff (hello Shake Weight) that doesn’t work. It’s about consistency over the long-haul that help you feel great about your mind, body, and soul for life.

I’m on a mission to show women that healthy isn’t hard and improving vitality = freedom, not hassle! Let go of the chains and experience more freedom in your vitality journey today.

Your Get Healthy Assignment.

  • Grab your journal or a pen and piece of paper.
  • What is your definition of vibrant health and what does that look like in your life? Do you generate vibrant health? What does it feel, smell, touch, taste like? If you don’t generate it now, write about it as if it’s happening right now in your life.
  • What are your three biggest challenges in realizing vibrant vitality? Is it accountability? Motivation? Family? Schedule? Write them down.
  • Next to your challenges, write out how your life would be without those challenges.
  • What are three ways you can progress towards overcoming challenge one? two? three?
  • Now, implement your plan! And experience more freedom.
I help women get healthy to transform the world! This is ALL about freedom. Restricted, chained women don’t have the time, energy, or resources to even think about anything beyond their struggle, much less about changing the world, while free women want to explore and challenge themselves consistently! Accelerate your vitality journey through Gerilyn’s Vitality Renewal Program for women who want to lose over 15 lbs. of fat, generate abundant energy, & thriving health.


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