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You may have noticed I’ve been a little absent from the blog lately! I could go on and on about the busy-ness of life, but the truth is that I am taking time to plan and develop a strategy for Strong Solutions.

There are two kinds of people in this world, the kind that act and the kind that react.

I’ve always fallen into the second category.

No one is responsible for the circumstances they are born into, so most people spend the first 16-20 years of life reacting to life. It’s almost a knee-jerk, automatic response to conflict, difficulties, and hardships.

When wronged, my response was to talk about that person (which is not wrong at all… much sarcasm intended). If given a project, I would do the least amount to get by. If on a diet at a social event and no okay foods are on the table, *of course* my only choice was to eat the bad foods. If busy with life and work, exercise got put on the back burner. When analyzing why I was not experiencing my desired results in life, I always had a magnificent and compelling excuse to explain them away. Instead of planning the content that I create, I would wake up and write what I felt inspired to write that day with no clear direction.

Can you see how simply reacting to life may not be the healthiest in the world? This fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants attitude worked for a long time, but it got me nowhere. It only resulted in keeping me above water.

Reacting to life is a sign of immaturity. It’s what a child does. You know, funny story, I always thought that the “real world” would be full of mature people. Then I enter the “real world” and realize it is JUST LIKE HIGH SCHOOL, but everyone is older… and often heavier and more miserable. And we tell children not to react so strongly to the drama in their lives, but often they are only acting from the modeling they have received (a.k.a. us).

How interesting!

The second group of people in the world are the ones who act. This is the group I am working to join through personal growth, strategic planning, and developing a mission for my life.

The people who act use their past as a learning experience for the future. If they are wronged, they are the bigger person (no matter the age) and do not wrong again in response. They ooze excellence in all projects and opportunities. If they are on a diet at a social event with no okay foods, they practice some intermittent fasting because missing one meal will not kill them, but actually extend their life and improve their health. Exercise is a top priority because of its multiple benefits and effects on health. Excuses don’t work on the folks who act. Instead of making excuses, these people see problems and conflicts as challenges to overcome. They also develop a strategy for life, for the way they react to conflict, their main goals for the year, what they want to learn and master, and have a clear direction to where they are going.

I am working hard to join this group.

It’s no longer good enough to barely-get-by and fly by the seat of my pants. We are called to do the best we can in this life. And the best we can be does not involved comparing ourselves to others, but comparing ourselves to ourselves. Not in a guilty, self-depreciating way tied to the emotion of guilt, but in an objective, this-is-what’s-going-on kind of way.

I noticed this shift in my own life recently. I used to want to grow and achieve so I could prove to others that I could do it, especially to folks that expected me to fail because of my former lifestyle. Now, I want to grow and achieve so I can become a better person. Instead of competing against other people when I train, I compete against myself and my previous best.

This shift is important in developing a strong intrinsic motivation to excel at life. And I do want to ooze excellence in everything, not to boast, but to consistently provide the highest quality to everyone I come in contact with… because they are humans and they deserve it.

So there you have it! The reason for my absence. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about… me!

Honor your journey towards whatever your goal is, but have something to measure progress by. Rome wasn’t built overnight and transformations do not happen in a day. Dig in, have fun, work hard, and live life!

Enjoy your week! 🙂


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