From Avoiding to Embracing Womanhood…

I spent my teenage years effectively isolating myself from any supportive group of friends. I avoided “gaggles” of girls at all costs because I didn’t want to deal with the drama, the gossip, the cattiness, the constant comparisons.

Girls hate me anyway, I told myself. I’d much rather hang out with groups of guys.

The truth was that I didn’t think those girls would accept me and I was scared.

How did she get to be so confident? How did they seem to have it all together? How is she so skinny? What am I missing??? I went so far as to alter my behaviors, likes, dislikes, and words to mimic those girls I admired and gain their approval.

And it’s funny that my choices isolated me instead of endearing me to a community. While it appeared that I belonged on the outside, I was utterly alone and dying on the inside… all because I’d sacrificed myself on an altar for false pretenses of acceptance.

I always felt I had to go through life alone, to struggle alone, and just work through it because… that’s just how life is and I have to be strong… alone.

So when I found myself 30 pounds overweight and knee-deep in debt, well, that was just one more thing to figure out all by myself.

And I did… after seven years and trying everything under the sun – from marathons to CrossFit, from raw vegan to Paleo, from skimping to investing – I have figured out what works and what doesn’t.

I’ve lost 30 pounds of fat, gained 10 pounds of sleek, lean muscle, and maintained and improved it over 4 years.

But you know what? I’m really tired of being alone and keeping all of these secrets to myself. 

Only in the past few years have I really begun to appreciate what it means to be woman, to be feminine and beautiful, to dance through life embracing my nature. I realized that our biggest asset is community, our willingness to share and uplift, and here I am withholding the real path to feeling fit, free, and confident in your skin.

Life really opened up for me when I resolved my body image and money issues. There’s so much more to see and be and do! I spent so much energy focusing on my size of my body and bank account that – when the struggle was gone – I possessed boundless energy to play, enjoy, and really live…

You don’t have to struggle alone. In fact, you can let go of the struggle once and for all

My friend Cheryl and I are passionate about empowering women with the real pathway to sustainable fitness and financial prowess and you are invited to an evening of sisterhood and sharing on Oct. 1st. Bring a friend or come alone to “Fit & Financially Fierce: Feel Strong & In-Control of Your Body & Finances”.

This isn’t another diet, fitness, or budget that requires perfection, hours and hours of your time, and unreal expectations. Instead, it’s us, women just like you who have been there, know what it’s like to feel out of control and overwhelmed by body and money gunk, have learned proven, time-tested strategies to end the overwhelm, and are passionate about sharing them with you.

To reserve your seat in one of the remaining few spots (and let us know how many worksheets and handouts to print!), click here, register, and do share with a friend.

I cannot wait to personally meet and hug you (yes, I’m a hugger!) next Tuesday! You’re not crazy. You are beautiful. And you’re more than worth it!


MUCH love from me to you.


LIVE Your Adventure,





P.S. Yesterday my husband said to me, “I’ve really lucked out, you know. Most women gain weight and let themselves go as they age, but you just get better and better every year, like a fine wine.” I know you never intended to let yourself go and you’ve probably tried several things to lose weight. I’m not any different, I just found out what works earlier. Many of my clients are well into their 40s or older when we begin working together and it’s amazing how quickly they find themselves and feel and look better now than in their 20s. If this is you, you have got to join us! It’s never to late to age like a fine wine!!! 😉 Click here to reserve your seat.

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