I stumbled back off the scale, jolting it again and again with my foot to re-test. Once, twice, three times.

Nope. It said what it said – 165 pounds.

I stared off into space for what seemed like forever and then grabbed fists full of belly and hated myself.

How could you?! After months of excruciatingly choosing salads over cookies, you weigh more than when you began.

What I said would “never” happen to me was happening. What I was most terrified of was coming true. I was going down the road paved by so many of my friends, family, and acquaintances.

I was fat.

Not thick. Not pudgy. Fat.

2007 - Skydiving

Feeling SO uncomfortable in that harness before skydiving with my lil bro in 2007! (This is about 155, 10 pounds before the dreaded #!)

Seven years later, after losing 30 pounds of FAT – and effortlessly keeping it off without dieting, counting calories or points, or extreme exercise programs – I get asked A LOT about how to lose fat.

Lift Free or Die Strongwoman Competition 2016

Lift Free or Die Strongwoman Competition 2016: Now I like to lift heavy stuff, eat what I want & never worry about my weight.

But when I tell them exactly what I did to lose fat & keep it off without depriving myself from foods I love – like Peanut M&Ms, hot chocolate, & really nice tequila – they DON’T BELIEVE ME.

They say stuff like,

What’s the catch? 

It couldn’t be THAT simple, and,

That’s too extreme. (You know it’s a crazy time to live in when eating real, whole foods – like vegetables – is extreme!)

Or they say, “I could never do that, I love _____ too much.”

My answer to potential clients with these responses is, “You aren’t ready to really lose fat. You just like the idea of losing fat,” and send them on their merry way.

If this is you – accept that you don’t really want to lose weight and that you aren’t willing to trade whatever vice it is that you love so much, and get on with enjoying your life.

But if you’re ready – like REALLY ready – to do whatever it takes to build a healthy life that sheds fat, causes extreme joy and happiness, and feels like a breath of fresh air, read on…


How to lose fat in 10 didactic steps:

  1. Sleep well 7-9 hours per night. If possible, wake up without an alarm clock. Make sure you’re deep asleep before midnight. If you can sleep more than 9 hours & wake up rested, do it. Sleeping is a fantastic way to lose fat. If you don’t sleep well, check out this guide to sleeping better or this supplement I use to help me fall asleep and stay asleep (1/2 a capsule works great!).
  2. Practice gratitude. Every day, name something you are truly grateful for and explain why. Do this out loud, even if it’s just you.
  3. Spend your time doing something engaging. If you hate your job -OR- are bored at work, this is a large reason why you are fat. Get a job you like (even if it’s cleaning houses – I’ve made A LOT of $ doing this), volunteer for a cause you support, or read a book. If you are reading this, you have all the options and resources you need to be able to do something engaging. Take ownership and be grateful for it.
  4. Say ‘No’ more often than you say ‘Yes’. Saying ‘no’ to more of the things that are just okay or fun, but you don’t lose sleep if you don’t do them frees up your YES for things you LOVE or really care about. And you’ll be less stressed, happier, and more productive in the process. And because of all of this, you’ll lose fat. Read this article and this not-PG updated version from two of my favorite authors.
  5. Eat mostly whole, not-from-a-box foods like vegetables and healthy, happy proteins. Start with 1 meal a day and slowly integrate all of your meals.
  6. Swap breads, cakes, cookies, and pastas for whole food starches like potatoes, winter squashes, plantains, beans and peas, and non-gluten grains (rice, quinoa, buckwheat).
  7. Swap cooking in seed oils – canola, vegetable, peanut, sunflower, safflower, corn, etc. – for cooking at high temps in ghee, coconut oil, pastured lard, palm oil, and tallow, cooking at medium to low temps with any of the above plus olive oil and butter, and topping salads with olive oil.
  8. If you cannot afford to purchase grass-fed, pastured, and wild meat, chicken, and fish fresh, frozen, or canned, consider vegetarian with organic and grass-fed dairy and eggs.
  9. Move your body. Taking 10 regular 5-10 min. movement breaks throughout the day can be just as (if not more) effective than a 50 min. exercise class a couple of times a week. Whichever seems feasible, do it.
  10. Refine your habits. Each step above is a system you can tweak and refine so that it goes smoother, feels better, and makes your life more enjoyable. Write out the steps you go through to perform each # above. Remove what is unnecessary. Batch together as many tasks as possible to create more time for things you love.

That’s it. That’s how I’ve lost 30 pounds of fat and kept it off for over 6 years.

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