Energetic Emma

• The 30-55 year old mom ready to get your body (& your ENERGY) back!

• Close to burn-out, let yourself go, & ready for a total body transformation!

Who You Are

As an Energetic Emma, you’re a 35-50 year old mom who works outside the home and is looking for a simple, effective way to have more energy, feel great, improve digestion, and lose some weight. You love the idea of getting healthy, but life responsibilities come first – namely, your family, your career, and your community involvement. Something has recently happened that has caused you to pause and reflect on your own health – maybe it’s an aging parent, your yearly physical results, or your kid giving you that look when you go for seconds. Whatever it is, you’re scared, overwhelmed, and unsure of what the future holds. You’re smart, successful, involved, and connected, and it’s time your body and your mind felt successful too.


Your Struggles

Although you “know” how to live healthy, you have trouble following through on your health goals and commitments. Maybe it’s the convenience food at the office, your on-the-go needs, or just what’s available at all the parties, showers, and social events. You want to prepare more healthy meals at home, but you’re so tired after a long day that take-out is just easier. You think about your health – like when you see a healthy friend who is your age enjoying life and the confidence that health brings – but this seems so far off and impossible for you right now that you keep yourself busy and involved, and put it off for that magical day when you have “more time.”

You’ve tried various diets and exercise programs before, but nothing seems to “stick” (or be effective for all the time and energy you put in). You so badly want a change, but you honestly wonder if you can really do this and if it’s really possible at your age. After all, you’re just not sure you can take one more “failure” in this area of your life. When you do make healthy choices, they aren’t consistent so you seldom see significant results and therefore have a hard time staying motivated.

Because you’re an “all-or-nothing” kind of gal, you get really excited and overwhelm yourself with new diets and exercise programs, and get discouraged when the results don’t come as quickly as you’d hoped for (or at all). Then you feel down, depressed, and often use food to lift your spirits. Afterwards, you feel miserable, but just can’t seem to stop. So you renew your vigor into family, work, or volunteering to forget about it, beginning another turn on this vicious cycle of doubt, shame, and failure in your life. You know, however, that if you keep going at this pace without a change, you’ll either burn-out, get sick, or fail to meet your many responsibilities.

That’s because you “don’t know what you don’t know” about eating and moving to meet your goals (some of these ‘health’ foods are making you sick!) and you haven’t been given the step-by-step plan that fits into your schedule. It’s about quality, not quantity. And you don’t have the accountability piece to keep you on task consistently.


What You Need Most Right Now

What you need most right now is a step-by-step healthy living plan that works with you (instead of against you) AND produces consistent results. First, you need a solid nutrition foundation for vibrant health and a bangin’ body! This involves learning how to choose yummy foods using a simple food formula. Then, it’s all about moving effectively (because less can be more!), so you create more free time and freedom. Finally, we’ll tweak what you’re already doing to enhance your results. All this with one-on-one coaching and group accountability create a unique coaching experience that makes healthy fun, exciting, delicious, and makes it stick.


The Vitality Renewal Program You’ll Thrive In:

• The Jump-Start Vitality Coaching Experience

The Jump-Start Vitality Coaching Experience is a 3 month premium coaching experience where you get expert one-on-one coaching with Gerilyn weekly, a detailed health assessment that reveals exactly what you need to focus on, and a step-by-step curriculum with guides, resources, and supplemental materials. You get practical help coupled with all-access expert coaching plus a network of likeminded women, all designed to support you completely. The Coaching Experience increases your confidence and enthusiasm with simple formulas that work. Finally, you get the accountability you need to make it stick this time… and for life!



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