Fat Loss & Fitness for Lazy Gals

I’m inherently lazy. There’s no way around it. A main guiding question of my life is What is the absolute least stimulus that will produce the most results? Only the truly lazy will appreciate this.

To prevent having to go through the laborious task of washing multiple dishes, for example, I usually cook one-skillet meals. These are just as tasty, sometimes more so, and yield more results (yummy nutritious dinner without much cleanup), with a lesser stimulus (one skillet and spatula instead of four).

What this means is that if there is a way to do less work and get the same or better results, sign me up. And if there is a way to do one thing and reap benefits across the board, I’m all in with both feet. If I can eat one way and lose AND maintain fat loss (EFFORTLESSLY!), increase energy, increase concentration, AND get healthy, it’s a real no-brainer to me. If there is a way to do fitness that takes minimal time and minimal effort for maximal results in my fat loss, fitness, and health goals, that’s ALSO a no-brainer.

Through significant research, experimentation and testing over the past few years, I believe I have an effective solution to elusive fat loss and fitness goals… especially for lazy gals like myself!

Aren’t “lazy” and “fat loss & fitness” polar opposites?!

Nope. Not anymore! Not if you use the right methods… that is the key. And I’m about to share with you the EXACT diet and fitness methods that help women just like you shed MORE fat, spend LESS time exercising, and experience dramatic body transformation results!

Fat loss and fitness are very achievable for lazy people! I currently exercise for a total of 34 minutes PER WEEK and continue to make strength gains while saying goodbye to a bit of winter flab. Want to know the secret? Here they are…

Fat Loss & Fitness for Lazy Gals

  1. Eat a real food diet. Real food is the basis of health, which is the basis of your fat loss and fitness goals. This not only yields effortless fat loss, but completely eliminates all counting, weighing, measuring, wondering, and calculating of points, calories, fat grams, protein, etc. Less work, more results. What’s real food? -meat/seafood; veggies; some fruit; no sugar; some starch; a few nuts/seeds; high quality fats
  2. Do short sprints and circuits. Sprints and circuit training are proven to burn more fat AND build lean sexy muscle, something running long slow distances cannot claim to do. PLUS, they are SHORTER! This translates to LESS time spent exercising and MORE time to spend on those lazy things we lazy people LOVE to do, like read, spend time with family, or shop. Research has shown 8 second intervals as being effective at burning fat. 8 seconds! How’s that for lazy?!

That’s it. The guide for lazy people. Sure, I could talk about sleep, hydration, and stress. But THIS is it.

Think it’s too simple? I dare you to try me for 30 days. If you win, I’ll give you $100 (seriously… email me a before photo on day 1 with that day’s newspaper… and an after photo on day 30). If I win, your life is forever transformed. What do you have to lose but fat???

Speaking of challenges, I’m creating an exciting 8-week challenge as we speak! There will be monetary prizes, recognition, personal one-on-one help and motivation, and lots of goodies galore. I know you’re going to LOVE this! THIS is what I’ve been working on the past few weeks and why I’ve been absent.

What are your thoughts or experiences with my lazy fat loss and fitness? Tried it? Thought about it? Comment below!

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