Enjoy the sunshine!

The sun is shining, the daffodils are sprouting up in my front yard and I almost forget we’re in the middle of winter!

Get outside this week while the weather is beautiful and move a bit while you’re at it.

Some exercises to build strength and burn fat:
• Lunges down the driveway and back… but don’t let your knee go over your toe!
• push-ups on the step – put your hands on the bottom or top step to make them easier. Chest to the step… OR put your feet on the step and hands on the ground to add a whole new dimension to your push-ups!
• Pull-ups or Jumping Pull-ups on the nearest tree branch. That’s right. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Just make sure your chin is over at the top!
• Squats while holding a heavy bag (or child). Find a heavy bag, bucket or kid in your garage. Hold the object close to your chest. With feet shoulder width apart and toes turned slightly outward, sit back on your heels like you’re sitting in a chair. Go as low as you can without your heels coming off the ground. Aim for below parallel.
•Sprints down the driveway. Running does not have to be long to be effective. Research shows that short sprints of 8 seconds as fast as you can possibly go can burn fat! Repeat 8-10 times.
•Or just go for a walk. Nothing beats a healthy dose of Vitamin D and stretching your legs after cooped up in the house for a week!

Enjoy the weather. Sleep 8-9 hours tonight. Tell your family you love them!

Have you used out-of-the-ordinary objects around the house for exercise? What are they? Comment below.

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