Embrace Life

Revel in the chirping of the birds.

Accept challenge and happiness and pain.

What a gift to feel.




In all things, give thanks.

Give yourself grace to be, to learn, to flourish.



Live here in this moment.

Walk with wisdom.

Your life is a fleeting breath.


Your presence is yours to give.

Lavish it on humanity.

Lavish it on yourself.


Get messy!

Fail forward. Follow-through. Love.

Choose who you will be.


Embrace life.



Embody hope, radiate joy.

Ground yourself in peace.





Life is full of rich experiences. We either learn, acknowledge, accept, and grow, or walk blindly, deny reality, refuse, and remain stagnant. In nature, stagnancy is death (hint: we live in nature!).

Often we are somewhere in the middle.

Who we are is our choice.

Not the guy who cut us off in traffic. Not our friend’s, job’s, or spouse’s. Not our circumstances.

Our choice.

Patience is a practice worth embracing. May we all embrace our lives, our experiences, and our choices today!


Butter love,


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