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Who doesn’t like food porn? It’s interesting to note that our pancreas will actually secrete insulin in anticipation of food. That’s why when you hear someone say, “I gain 10 pounds by merely looking at cake” that there may be a small grain of truth to that!

I haven’t posted photos of my eating lately and that’s because it’s nothing creative. Eating is literally a fuel-thing at this point. I enjoy it, but do not have the time or energy to prepare elaborate meals.

I had the privilege of spending Easter weekend with my home-away-from-home family in Knoxville and Chef Anthony smoked LOTS of meat all day:


Boston Butt, Brisket, Chicken, & Pork Shoulder

Words cannot describe the party-in-my-mouth with all of this meat! Our actual dinner looked something like this:

Brisket, Sweet Potato Chips & The-Most-Delicious-Cabbage-EVER

Sweet Potato Chips are soooooo easy:

  • 1-2 sweet potatoes
  • coconut oil, tallow, or some other solid fat to cook in
  • cinnamon
  • Slice the sweet potato as thinly as possible by hand OR in the food processor. Over med-low to medium heat, heat a couple of tablespoons of fat in a skillet. Add potatoes and flip every few minutes until crispy! They take anywhere from 3-8 min. per skillet full. Enjoy! Tip: the color of the potato slice will change slightly as they are ready.

Cabbage recipe will go up soon. Anthony got the recipe from Chandler’s in Knoxville… a fantastic restaurant for anyone who loves down-home soul food and is ready to eat in bulk. I miss that place!

Anthony also gave me a great breakfast idea that I admit I wasn’t entirely sure about at first:

Fried eggs on a bed of pulled pork with strawberries

The only thing I can say is, TRY IT! This spin on fried eggs was so flavorful I wish I’d had a whole plate full! Simply take left-over barbeque and top it with some fried eggs. Don’t know where this has been all of my life.

I had a nice, relaxing weekend in Knoxville with friends. Be sure and take time for you every once in awhile. How can you save the world if you’re falling apart from the inside out? Too often, especially here in a small town, I see an energetic activist transform into a burned out cynic almost overnight! How does this happen? My personal opinion is that these folks take on far more than they are able to handle and literally work themselves into the ground with no break. Rest is vitally important! Take it!

mmmm, beef tallow

Another treat I’d like to share with you is my new 5 gallon, 36 lb. bucket of pastured beef tallow!!! It truly is the simple things in life! I am super excited about this and even got kid approval on the youth retreat I was on this past weekend. I cooked both eggs and sweet potato chips in it and got some surprised, “This is good!” statements from some of our youth group! ๐Ÿ™‚

The yellow color is from the carotenoids that are in full force in grass-fed beef. Delicious AND nutritious.

Pastured Beef Tallow from U.S. Wellness Meats

And last but not least, the lovely sweet potatoes Clint got for me at Whole Foods. It’s just a sweet potato… no big deal, but FUN and with added variety! I found these were not quite as sweet as regular orange ones and definitely not like the purple ones with the white centers (they taste like birthday cake!).






Purple Sweet Potatoes

Have you made anything different or tried anything new lately? What about your favorite recipe? Share below!








  • Sara J

    Reply Reply May 9, 2011

    Kimchi with thinly sliced beef. I first ate it in a gyudon bowl at a mall outside of Mito, Japan. Gyudon is basically thinly sliced beef sauted with onions in a sweetened soy sauce and served over a bowl of rice. Kimchi is sometimes an add-on to give it a spicy kick. I haven’t made the sweetened soy sauce as I’m starting to learn regularly works against my body. But I fried up some thin sliced flank steak in Chinese five spice and ate it with kimchi just to see if it was anything similar. Seems promising! Next time I’m going to caramelize some onions to add a little more sweetness to the meat and make some cauliflower rice to put it on.

    btw, kimchi is fermented veggies. Typically it’s bokchoy and/or cabbage with sometimes onions or carrots added. Good for the belly. In fact, by belly felt super happy this morning as I ate it with a bison patty! Starting to get my belly adjusted to kimchi as it might be one of my only saving graces as I’m in Singapore and will probably be eating a lot of things my belly doesn’t want to tolerate anymore.

    • gerilyn

      Reply Reply May 9, 2011

      mmmm… kimchi. It sounds good but not sure if I’ve ever had it. I love bok choy and made some beef and sauteed bok choy yesterday. Delicious!

      Need to try to make kimchi. Have you made it before?

      I’m glad you are looking for ideas for Singapore. Of course, white rice shouldn’t be too problematic… and fish… good luck with the soy sauce issue. But you know, I’ve heard it’s actually easier to eat gluten-free in Italy than here in the U.S. They’ve eaten so much gluten in the past few hundred years that celiac’s disease is rampant… so they test babies before they leave the hospital. Just a thought.

  • Anthony

    Reply Reply May 9, 2011

    Wow, all those photos have made me hungry for more! We’ll do that again next time you’re “home.”
    Leftover greens? Scramble some with a few eggs and a little onion or garlic the next morning. Especially good cooked in Amish butter from Laurel Creek market.

    • gerilyn

      Reply Reply May 9, 2011

      Sounds delicious! I’m loving some Kerrygold butter right now (Irish pastured butter)! Can’t wait to see y’all again! ๐Ÿ™‚

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