Are you ready to take your vitality journey to the next level?

Have you made some progress on your own but need some oomph to bust through a plateau?

Are you looking to shed 5-30 pounds and keep it off for life without dieting, starving yourself, or deprivation?

Having trouble creating a vibrantly healthy lifestyle you love (and that supports your life?)?


If so, then The Vitality Initiative is the next step to realizing your health goals! The Vitality Initiative is amazing at helping people:

  • develop & maintain a fitness program
  • create a vibrantly healthy lifestyle
  • reach body composition goals, deliciously!
  • develop a healthy relationship with oneself (letting go of body shame, self-deprecation, judgment, and self-loathing)
  • understand nutrition


There are several ways to transform your vitality here at The Vitality Initiative:

  1. Reading, watching, & implementing all of the free nutrition, health, and fitness info right here on the website, including The Jump-Start Formula & the Bodyweight Blast 30 day workout. 
  2. Purchasing The Paleo Made Simple Grocery Guide, The Fitnitiative Bundle, and/or The Jump-Start Vitality 30 Day Challenge to aid your nutrition and fitness goals.
  3. Work with a coach to rapidly realize your vitality goals in the next 30 and 90 days. (see below)

Which is best for you? It depends on your goals, how quickly you wish to reach them, and how great you are at self-regulation (i.e., sticking to your plan on your own)!



Paleo Made Simple

Goodbye 30 pounds, adult acne, gassy bloating, and painful periods! The RESULTS were undeniable, the transformation lasting, and the maintenance shockingly simple! Click here to read more about my Paleo journey.

FREE 7 Day Nutrition Coaching Course & Paleo Made Simple: 30 Days to the New You ebook ($67 value) – Click here to start your Nutrition Coaching Course & Ebook Free!

Grocery Guide – Eliminate confusion and costly mistakes with this handy, dandy Grocery Guide that provides you support while you shop! Customer tested and approved. Click here to eliminate Paleo confusion today!

– 12 Full Color Pages guiding you through the grocery store

– Choose More of This, Less of That!

– How to pick healthy meats, veggies, and spices

– Navigate what to buy organic and what to save your hard-earned money on!


The FitnitiativeINSIDER Bundle


Fifteen done-for-you workouts – that’s over a year’s worth! – that you can do anytime, anywhere! A $197 Value for only $19.99!

Each 4-week program is designed specifically with your time, strength, and lean body in mind.

With or without equipment, there are 3 skill levels, so each workout caters to everyone’s level – beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

All for less than your daily latte!

Click here to download your bundle now!





The Jump-Start Vitality 30 Day Challenge

Transform your body, health, and life in the next 30 days! Next Challenge Jan 2014


Work 1:1 with Me

Vitality Basecamp

This 12-week one-on-one coaching program is the starting point of your vitality journey. Like climbing Everest, all journeys begin with preparation, practice, and a strong foundation of solid principles that get results.

New clients accepted on a case-by-case basis, since my schedule is currently packed. For more info and to be put on the waiting list, email






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