Check Out 27 Free High-Quality Presentations @ the Real Food Summit

You know my mantra: Eat Real Food! It’s one of the most important things you will ever do for your vitality, longevity, and health. That’s why I’m so excited that Sean Croxton is hosting the first Real Food Summit, July 8th-16th (and just in time for those of you in my Jump-Start Vitality Challenge)!

I’m pretty excited about this summit because it will include 27 different Real Food Presentations absolutely FREE! šŸ™‚ The presenters are the top names in the Real Food world, who have thorough knowledge AND experience applying practical solutions to real world issues! Click here to register for free.

If you’ve ever wonderedĀ why real food matters or wanted moreĀ in-depth information on topics like:

  • The Truth About Soy
  • Natural Sweeteners
  • Fertility and Food
  • Raw Milk
  • Food Epigenetics – how food causes health or disease by influencing our DNA
  • Naturally Curing Tooth Decay
  • Fermentation
  • Bone Broth Benefits
  • and more…
then this Summit is for YOU! šŸ™‚
I know some of you are short on time, so I also wanted to make some recommendations of at least one to catch each day. This is also the BEST starting point if you are new to the idea of EAT REAL FOOD.Ā Start here and listen to more as you have time:
  • Sunday, July 8th: Joel Salatin, “Real Food Defined”
  • Monday, July 9th: Paul Chek, “Eating Whole Foods for Body, Mind, and Soul”
  • Tuesday, July 10th: Chris Masterjohn, “Weston Price on Primitive Wisdom”
  • Wednesday, July 11th: Mark McAfee, “The Role of Raw Milk…”
  • Thursday, July 12th: Cate Shanahan, “Health or Hype? Five Simple Tests…”
  • Friday, July 13th: Barry Groves, “Homo Carnivorus: What We Are Designed to Eat”
  • Saturday, July 14th: Kim Schuette, “Fat and Happy: How Traditional Fats Affect Well-Being”
  • Sunday, July 15th: Jenny McGruther, “Reviving the Tradition of Fermentation: How and Why Fermented Fods Heal” (UNLESS you’re interested in fertility, in that case, check out Donielle Baker’s presentation)
  • Monday, July 16th: Pam Killeen, “Solving Adrenal Burnout” AND Jordan Reasoner & Steven Wright, “Real Food Digestive Troubleshooting”
Each presentation will be about 60 minutes, soĀ go ahead and schedule that time in your calendar now. Think of them as Continuing Education. Your health, your vitality, is the vehicle through which you experience life. Without it, not only is your experience diminished, but the degree to which you can live your purpose and serve to your highest potential is diminished also. You are definitely worth it!
I’ll be blogging about this Summit in more detail as it starts, but I’m super-excited because it lines up PERFECTLY with my first ever Jump-Start Vitality: 30 Day Challenge,Ā ALSO starting July 8th! Coincidence? I think not!
If you haven’t registered for this free event yet, go ahead and click here to enhance your vitality now.
If you’re just starting your vitality journey and are a bit overwhelmed by all of this information, then you need a simple formula that eliminates the confusion surroundingĀ what works for lasting fat loss and vibrant health. The guesswork is gone in this free video of my signature Jump-Start Formula, yours free. Click here to learn the Jump-Start Formula now.


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