Challenge Yourself…

How often do you challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zone? Contrary to popular belief, we should not stop growing as adults. We need to continue to broaden our borders throughout life.

I took the Welbourn Challenge yesterday and won The Underground Strength System for my efforts! I did not expect to win this as A) I did not use the prescribed weight and B) I’m a girl.

What is the Welbourn Challenge? Well, I’m ecstatic you asked! John Welbourn, former NFL player and CrossFit Football beast challenged Zach Even-Esh, owner of The Underground Strength Gym and prolific producer of tons of great content to 30 Sandbag Clean & Presses with a 130# sandbag. Zach switched it to shouldering a sandbag 30 times, which is still brutal. Check out his video here.

Now I did not shoulder a 130# sandbag 30 times, but I calculated that 130# was 60% of Zach’s bodyweight. 60% of my bodyweight is 87#, so I made a 80# sandbag (all the gravel I had…). There was NO way that was happening anytime soon! Zach’s one tough beast.

I ended up with about 50% of my bodyweight at 66# (that’s all my little sandbag would hold!… I know, no excuses!). Anyway, as you will see, it was more than enough sandbag for me!

Video has been the key to my training lately. I don’t have a training partner and there’s no one in the area to coach me, so I utilize video instead. It pushes me to work harder with better technique and gives me a record to analyze later.

Check it out:

Trouble viewing? Watch it on YouTube.

Do you challenge yourself? How? Has it affected other areas of your life?

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  • Warren Dostie

    Reply Reply April 1, 2011

    Thats awesome Gerilyn! I too use sandbags in my workout, it simulates the strength development needed for MMA and other sports. But I can’t do the reps with weights like that! Keep it up, Warren

    • admin

      Reply Reply April 18, 2011

      Thanks Warren. Love some sandbag! Keep it up!

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