An Awesome Life: The Essentials

I met a guy once who was miserable. Although he had a fulfilling contributions to the world, his marriage was non-existent and depressing, the finances were rocky, he was being drained at work, and he was a type II diabetic on an insulin pump with an average blood sugar of over 400. Yes… 400. And at this point in the game, he saw no way out. He did not feel like he could repair his marriage nor get out of it because of finances. He refused to clean up his diet or try anything different to reverse his diabetes and he simply continued to take more on than he could handle at work.

I doubt this was the outcome he had in mind when he started life.

All people want to have an awesome life, but few are willing to do the steps it takes to get there. The truth is that an awesome, amazing, abundant life is available to everyone and the steps are relatively simple, but few take the time to dig in and work through what it takes. The details will change for everyone according to your unique combinations of personality, temperament, interests, values, circumstances, etc., but an awesome life is not elusive.

And although the above scenario is all too common in today’s society, it is not too late at this point to reverse the trend. It only takes some thought, planning, and a renewal of hope. Hope is the assuredness that the future will be better than the past. And the Christian’s hope is the belief in the promise of the afterlife with no tears or suffering, when all things will be made new, when God will fulfill all his promises.

I’ve been thinking through the essentials of an awesome life frequently lately because I want to live intentionally in 2012 (and for the remainder of this life), holding nothing back. And I’ve developed the essential list of an awesome life so that you will have a framework to build your own awesome life! Let’s dig in.

  • Relationship With God: Each person’s relationship with God is different, but that connection is essential to fulfillment now and in the future. Thankfully, we have a Father whose plans are much better than ours ever dreamed of being. Cultivating that relationship is the key to ultimate satisfaction in life.
  • Healthy Relationships With Others: Next, the people with the awesome-est life have a handful of healthy intimate relationships (and no, not the sexual kind ;). These may include family, but not necessarily, though I hope your spouse is one of these folks! Healthy intimate friends listen and lean on one another and inspire each other to become better people. They challenge each other and hold one another accountable. They are not draining and “there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” If you do not have these now, it isn’t too late to begin to cultivate them AND distance yourself from unhealthy relationships.
  • Appreciation: How often do you take time to appreciate your blessings, abilities, gifts, lessons, friendships, relationships, and life? The degree to which you appreciate your life and let others know how much you appreciate them and why is the degree to which you are content, happy, and satisfied in life.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: Quickly jot down your Top 5 list of people you believe have the most awesome life. Now tell me, are any of them bed-ridden or home bound because of declining health? Are they constantly taking a drug cocktail? I doubt it. I’ll bet your Top 5 are people you see out in the world doing things, taking an active part to get involved in life! THAT is why I care about food so much! Because the way you eat may be the number 1 thing between your current life and the one you’ve always dreamed of! People with a truly awesome life understand this, prioritize their health and take care of their bodies to the best of their ability. It’s never too late to start!
  • Growth Mindset: Are you always learning, reading, listening, and growing, OR did you think you arrived years ago? The most satisfied people in life are those who develop a growth mindset, willing and eager to learn and figure things out. These people’s lives are not dictated by the social impression of others nor by things they do not yet know. Instead, you’ll often find a book in their hand and a story in their mouth. Life is never boring and the future always brings exciting challenges!

That’s it! Those are my top five essentials to an awesome life! They are simple, direct, and to the point. Everything else is distracting when it detracts from these five essential elements.

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What do you think? Agree? Disagree? What would you add? Comment below and share this with friends, family, and coworkers whom you know this could help.

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